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I have used heating pads of all shapes, sizes and quality. I consider myself a little “mini expert” on the topic of keeping warm. I use heating pads as a part of my daily routine for many reasons including; pain relief, relaxation,
and just plain keeping warm. I’ve even put a microwave in my bedroom to make it easier to use heating pads in the middle of the night, or right before bed.

I was looking for new heating pads to try since some of mine have gotten quite old looking and worn. I found a great online store called, owned by MaryJane McCool. She originally started TheraPeace products when she needed heat packs for her private massage therapy practice. It is obvious when you see and feel her products that she is someone in the medical field who could foresee the importance of high quality goods. The fabrics, sewing, and packaging automatically give you a sense that you are buying a quality product that will last. Almost all the products have removable, washable slip-covers (fleece or flannel, in a variety of colors) making them easy to clean. There are even optional aromatherapy sachets that can be placed within the heating pads to add to the experience of comfort and warmth.
This online store has a wide selection of products that are specific to certain areas of the body. This is great because sometimes a “bag” or rectangle heating bag doesn’t quite fit comfortably.

My personal favorite product was the “hotsocks”. These cozy fleece slippers were like a dream come true. I suffer from Raynauds Syndrome and my feet and hands are always freezing. I found these socks warming even without the heating pad inserts. They fit on easily, like a sock. The heating pad insert slides into a pocket under the foot. They are so comfortable and took away my aching cold feet right away. They now have become a nightly favorite.
I also enjoyed the “warmingmitts,” when my hands were especially cold the past few snowy days, although you can’t do too much when you are wearing them. I do think they are good when you are not feeling well- but not necessarily for daily use.
This online store has such a wide variety of products to choose from that I know you will find the perfect fit for whatever is aching. They have a large pillow that is good for putting on your stomach, upper or lower back
or to even use as a “bed warmer”. It is big enough to cuddle with. The mini pillow is good for the eyes, perfect for headaches, or to ease yourself to sleep. Of course they also have the usual smaller pillows and neck wraps in addition to the many aromatheraputic products including; sachets, room sprays and essential oils.
As an added bonus, this company makes an effort to “give back.” donates 2% of sales to the International Rett Syndrome Association.
I would confidently recommend any of these products.
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Review written by: Christine Miserandino,