Product Review: The Gripmaster Finger Exerciser


The Gripmaster is a spring-loaded, hand-held strengthening device that effectively strengthens the fingers to the forearms. The squishy rubber balls, or “silly putty” type stuff that physical therapists give you, serve a similar purpose, but only the patented Gripmaster has movable pads to isolate each of your fingers.

I liked that this exercise tool was small and easy to use. No instructions were necessary, I just started pushing on the pads, but I was unsure which tension would be appropriate. I bought one each of the Light/Blue (5 lbs. tension) and Medium/Red (7 lbs. tension) grips. I liked that it didn’t take up much space and I could throw it right in my bag, or store it in my desk drawe! r. The rubber bottom is contoured to fit snugly at the base of your palm, for longer and more controlled workouts without discomfort.
I actually have been having dexterity and finger problems lately, and this gave me the chance to try something to make it better. It always feels good to take an active role in your health, and I liked that this was something easy that I could do myself.
Although “Gripmaster” has become a very popular and a well known name in sports or music circles to strengthen the hands and fingers, I had never thought of using it for my problems. I am glad I did. Now I just hope my fiance doesn’t steal it from me to help him with his golf game.
The Gripmaster comes in various colors that coordinate with different weight/ difficulty levels.
You can purchase a Gripmaster at most on line sports retailers, or you can try a search on the manufacturer’s site for a location near you:
Product review written by: Christine Miserandino, ©2006