Product Review: The Body-Creamer


The Body-Creamer might be just what you’ve been waiting for! Longing for someone to apply that lotion between your shoulder blades, or perhaps someone to rub that one spot – too high to reach from twisting your arm around your waist and too low for swinging your arm over your head?

Or maybe it would be nice to put lotion on your poor tired shoulders right now and not wait another hour for hubby to get home or a friend to stop by. Well, the Body-Creamer can do all those things with very little effort on your part!
I know during the winter months my skin dries out and flakes away. I have to keep lotion on my back and arms after every shower. My sister, who always chooses the most pampering gifts, gave me a Body-Creamer four years ago and I wouldn’t be without it today. There is a long handle for reaching every part of your back and the applicator has a reservoir for your favorite lotion, but the best part is the application method because it has massaging balls on the surface to rub away your cares while it applies an even layer of lotion. It is fantastic and very reasonably priced.
Personal hint: I prefer warm lotion so I place my bottle of lotion in a cup of hot water while I shower.
Product review written by: Kaye Koeberle, © 2007