Product Review: Sunchasers UV Shirts Helped Me Stop Hiding From The Sun


Because I have Lupus, I am extremely photosensitive. I burn easily and become very tired, weak and achy, when exposed to the sun. Most of the time, I tried to ignore my symptoms and just dealt with the consequences of being out in the sun.

I didn’t like the idea of what the sun’s rays did to my body, and with all the information out right now about skin cancer, that should have been an added incentive to stay out of the sun. But being young and wanting to participate in outdoor activities, I usually went outside anyway. Most times I ended up sick or regretting my good time, because of a red sunburn or not feeling well.
I truly thought I had no choice, until I started to research UV/ sun
protect-ant clothing. I was surprised to find out, that the clothes actually work! SunChasers UV Protectant fabric blocks over 70% of UVA, UVB and UVC rays even when wet. SunChasers makes a very lightweight mesh material shirt. It was cool and comfortable, and it did not feel like I was wearing anything additional. I could wear it over my bathing suit or over a tank top. The shirts are long enough to cover your hips and maybe your thighs too, depending on your height. I swam with the shirt on and expected to feel restricted, but I was free to move, and the shirt did not hold water and feel heavy. It was very easy to clean, as I just washed it and hung it up to dry. I actually want to buy more of these products, not just for swimming or beach/pool activity, but for when I am outside during other daily recreational activities. I now feel confident to participate in any outdoor activity, now that I have the proper protection. The best part is these shirts look like any other, so no one has to know you are wearing something special, unless you choose to spread the news about this great product.
There are different colors and styles available for men, women, children and infants. Fifty cents per item purchased is donated to the Skin Cancer Foundation. The women’s shirt was $47.95 before shipping. Although this is expensive for a shirt, I did not feel it was expensive for something I knew I could wear and use over and over again. You can find these items at
Review written by Christine Miserandino,© 2005