Product Review: Summer Entertaining Gadgets and Accessories


When planning summer parties, bar-b-ques or get togethers, make your life a bit easier by trying out some of these new products from our friends at All of these items, in both small and big ways, will make your hosting and entertaining easier and you will look good while doing it too! Who could ask for more?

The Stainless Steel paper towel holder looks so pretty and shiny, and does a great job. You can place this on your kitchen counter, or on a picnic table and it is perfect for guests. The key feature that makes this paper towel
holder great is the little arm that allows you to rip off one piece of paper at a time with one hand, without making a mess.
My new favorite little item is the Stainless Steel Magnetic Memo Clips. These little magnets are powerful and can do much more then sit on your fridge to post notes or hold coupons. They are so strong that they can hold kitchen towels, or pot holders. I love finding new uses for them and I love the way they look fancy and pretty, but are so functional.
Instead of throwing your flatware in a drawer, or even your plastic utensils on the table, you should try a pretty alternative by using the Chromed Metal Flatware Caddy. Stylish black rubber molding protects tabletops and rubberized bottom pads protect flatware. I used this for my last bar-b-que and many people commented on how it dressed up the table, but I was just happy that it was so easy to pick up all the flatware in one caddy!
I hate having to run back into the kitchen to re-fill the food trays at parties. I don’t have the energy or desire to be the perfect host- but I want to seem like one! I found a solution for those hot days when you are worried about dips and dressings spoiling in the hot sun. I tried the Appetizers-On-Ice and it worked like a charm. It kept everything cool and yummy. This not only makes everything that you are serving more appetizing, but it is healthier too.
Shopping at Prodyne is one example of how some simple gadgets can not only look fashionable, but really help make entertaining easier. Keep your eyes out for gadgets and tools that you can use in new or different ways to help you be the summer entertaining hostess you want to be!
These products are all reasonably priced. You can purchase these products at
Happy Hosting!
Article written by Christine Miserandino, © 2007