Product Review: massage tools


I had the opportunity to try out some of tools recently, and they could not have come at a better time. The cold weather has gotten my muscles sore and achy, so I was excited to test them out. All of their products are easy to use, affordable, come in great colors and can be used with or without lotions or oils.

I tried the “PowerGlide Convertible”. This product is hard to describe. It looks like a curved walking cane with massage tools on each end. In its varied configurations, the PowerGlide is meant to reach every part of your body, especially the hard to reach spots on your back. The large & small massage balls at either end of the cane are interchangeable, allowing for a broader, more defused pressure or a very deep, more direct pressure. Although I personally found the tool a bit cumbersome and awkward to use, others might find it very helpful. I really liked the concept of reaching parts of my back without the aid of others, but I felt my arms were too weak to maneuver the large massage tool without being uncomfortable or tired.
Next, I used the “Knuckle-Baller”. This is a plastic manual massage tool that fits comfortably right in your hand. It features four Omni Directional Massage Balls. This was so light, I could have carried it anywhere. it was easy to use on myself, on my legs or arms. It felt great when It was used on my back by someone else too. What I really liked about this product was the “sure grip” handle. It was easier to hold then most massage products I have tried. I was confident when using this product that it wouldn’t slip out of my hand. The “Knuckle-Baller” comes in a variety of fun colors.
Lastly, I tried the “Mini Omni Roller” this has the same concept with the Directional Massage Ball, except this product is way smaller and has only 1 ball. I liked this product because I can picture myself throwing one of these in my pocketbook, in my car, in my desk at the office or to give to friends as small gifts. Even though it is small, it really does work! I would give this gift to anyone, whether they have chronic pain or not. I was walking around the mall Christmas shopping and my neck, back and arms were so achy from carrying heavy bags. I was glad I had one of these in my pocketbook. They even make a similar one with a keychain attached.
I would highly recommend these massage tools to anyone. I encourage you to check out to find the massage tool that will work best for you!
Review written by Christine Miserandino,© 2006