Product Review: Guided Cd’s


I mentioned to my daughter that I found it hard to fall asleep and to relax after a very busy day commuting to the city and teaching four year olds. She asked me to try a guided meditation CD called Restful Sleep, Healing Sleep by Dr. Carol Robin. Previously, I’ve tried an alarm clock with the sounds of the ocean and I found that helpful, so I thought I would give this CD a try.

So far I’ve listened to it for three nights at bedtime and each time I fell asleep before the end of the CD. Dr. Robin’s voice is calming and soothing- almost mesmerizing. As the ocean laps the shore in the background, the directions guide you through four stages- physical, emotional, mental and spiritual awareness. I laid down and followed the command of the voice on the tape, almost to the point of feeling hypnotized, but not in a frightening way, but a very safe and peaceful way.
If you have trouble sleeping, I would! give this a try. So far it’s been working for me.
Another one of Dr. Robin’s CDs is Four Steps To Center. I actually made the foolish mistake of listening to this in the car on my way home from work, in traffic. I thought this would calm me down for my trip home. This CD actually lulled me into a state of total relaxation, to the point that I was yawning and zoning out. I had to shut it off and wait till I got home to try it again, before I crashed the car in a trance-like state. I wouldn’t want to have to explain that scenario to a police officer.
This CD is a meditation tape and also uses four steps to unify the body, heart, mind and spirit. Meditation is a way of finding a sense of peace amidst the cluttered and harried pace of our busy lives. Again, the voice and words of Dr. Carol Robin are both soothing and comforting.
Meditation can bring a sense of clariity, as well as bring out an inner voice of guidance, but I mostly found it relaxing to the point of putting me to sleep again. Good thing I got off that highway.
Another CD by Dr. Robin, Transforming Cancer Surgery, aims to help people prepare for and recover from any cancer surgery. It has always been said that a good emotional attitude in overcoming any kind of illness is half the battle. This CD uses imagery and meditation to provide a private counseling session with the patient, in the comfort and privacy of his home. If you, a friend or a loved one is facing or recovering from cancer surgery, this CD tries to reduce anxiety and stress and is definitely worth trying.

The CDs are $15 each and can be found at
Review written by: Janet Miserandino,, © 2006