Product Review: Foot Care Set from


This item goes to show, that you never know where you will find a great product! Sometimes you are shopping for one thing and find something else, if you keep your mind open.

I found these great smelling foot soak salts, which have a patchouli and sweet orange scent. When you add a 1/4 cup to your bath it dissolves in warm water. In these hot summer days, my feet are killing me after I have been walking around, doing errands, so I need a quick, easy pick me up. These bath salts worked great.
I also found this cute, tiny, green ball called “Foot Rubz”. It has little rubber soft spikes all around the ball and when you put it on the floor, you rub your foot over it. The soft spikes massage your foot and it feels very good! Perfect to use as you are watching TV!
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Product review written by Christine Miserandino, 2006