Product Review: Dropps: Pre-measured Dissolving Laundry Detergent Packets


All you need is a DROPP!! A Dissolvable, Ready-to-use, Organic, Premeasured Packet. Each DROPP contains enough concentrated detergent to gently clean an entire load of heavily soiled laundry. The pouch dissolves completely in the washer, releasing great cleaning power.

I really like these convenient packs of laundry detergent, mainly because I no longer have the physical strength to lift a heavy bottle of detergent and now I don’t have to worry about spilling and measuring etc. Even taking the bottle top off has become a problem for me, when I am not feeling my best. With these little packets everything is pre-measured so they are light and easy to use. Now I feel more independent, and I can do laundry without the aid of others. My clothes came out clean and I noticed no difference from any other brand of laundry detergent. Although they might be a bit more costly then detergent on sale at your local grocery store, the fact that it helped me do laundry on my own was worth it.
They come in fragrance, baby/dye free and fragrance free. This laundry detergent works in all temperatures of water, and is eco friendly.

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review written by: Christine Miserandino,, ©

  • Darlene

    Hey…..thanks for the info! I’ll be checking into these, partly because they are enviro-friendly, but also because my hands don’t always want to work either……

  • Teresa White

    I completely agree, anything that makes life just that little bit easier for anyone who is working with illness and depleted energy is good i my book and it makes common sence, I use these as well, wonderful little things.