Product Review: Antiscald Temperature Actuated Flow Reducers


Many people who face neurological disabilities, including the elderly and children, have trouble feeling when the temperature of water is too hot. Recently, I have (minimally) burnt myself, not realizing how hot the bath tub water was and so I was recommended to try an “anti-scald” device on my shower head/ faucet.

I tried the Antiscald Temperature Actuated Flow Reducers from and my first impression was how easy they were to install. What a pleasant surprise, when within minutes, I was able to replace the faucet aerator with the antiscald device. It worked! There was a mixed flow of hot and cold water when the temperature got too hot. I also liked that there was no noticeable change in how my faucet looked once installed.
Because of this device, I am no longer afraid to shower without my caregiver checking the water. I also feel that I can wash the dishes without fear of a sudden change in water temperature.
I would recommend this useful device to anyone who has “sensitivity to temperature” issues or to anyone with a young child in the house. I can imagine this would be a great gift for an expectant mother.
Applications for ScaldShield’s TAFR devices are almost endless: private and public housing, child care centers, hospitals, hotels, motels and nursing homes, just to name a few.
The ScaldShield TAFR is an ASSE 1062 approved thermostatic device that reduces water flow through the fixture to .25 gpm, if water temperature exceeds 117°F. This product is made from solid brass with a chrome or polished brass finish. The antiscald device conforms to international safety standards.
This product is worth the money if it saves you from one hospital or doctor visit because of a burn.
This product sells from $29.99-$34.99
and is available at
Product review written by: Christine Miserandino, ©2006