Product Review: Joint Medic Cream


Like many people, I sometimes experience minor back pain after long hours spent in front of the computer. Also like many, I avoid the use of pills for minor complaints; especially after a nasty bout with bleeding ulcers last year.
A few months ago I discovered a cream called Joint Medic that has, much to my surprise, virtually eliminated my aches. Furthermore, it lacks the mess, burn and odor of other creams, and goes on in smooth, massaging strokes over sore joints and muscles.

I admit I was initially reluctant to try a cream; I doubted the effectiveness of creams, and worried about walking around with that ‘medicine smell.’ However, after having only limited, short-term success with heat patches and cold cloths, I gave Joint Medic a try; especially when I read that it was a nonstick cream that contained all-natural, herbal-based ingredients like comfrey, shea butter and Vitamins E and A. Plus I didn’t need a prescription for the product, and I like the fact that Joint Medic is packaged in a 60-dose pump dispenser; a little of the product goes a long way.
After applying just a little Joint Medic to my back, I immediately felt a pleasant, relaxing sensation; within a few minutes my pain had subsided.
I was pleased to learn that, not only had I found a cream that worked, but I didn’t have to take a second shower before going out for the day. It really is a nonstick, odorless cream, and its effects are fast absorbing and lasting. After using it several days a week over the course of about three weeks, I felt more comfortable sitting in front of my computer; the backache was effectively gone after a few applications.
As far as downsides to the product, it remains a fact that some people just aren’t comfortable using creams. While the cream works quickly the effects aren’t immediate, and several applications probably are needed for long-term relief. I still feel the need to use the product once in awhile. I also think it would be nice to produce different versions of the cream in a smaller, travel size and in a clear container—so you know exactly how much of the product is left after each application.
And, while I have heard of people with arthritis, fibromyalgia and other conditions having great success with this product, it’s always important to consult a doctor before treating any serious condition on your own.
For those needing quick, long-lasting relief, I wholeheartedly recommend Joint Medic. To learn more about the product, visit, where it’s available at a cost of $37.95. It’s the cream that really works!
Review written by Megan Hussey, ©