Product Review: Produce Green Bags


We’ve all seen them on TV infomercials – the miracle “Green Bags” that promise to keep fresh produce, fresher longer. The principle is that the bags absorb the ethylene gases emitted by fresh produce, which cause spoilage. I was always intrigued by the idea, but hesitated to spend the price to find out whether they worked or not, especially from an unknown over-the-TV company.

Well, as most TV products eventually do, the Green Bags finally landed on the shelves of my local Walmart. For $9.95 I could get a package of 20 bags. I took a deep breath and spent the $9.95.
I stocked up on a few fresh produce items and headed home to try the grand experiment. I washed the strawberries, celery, lettuce and peppers as instructed, allowed them to dry, sealed each vegetable/fruit type in its own bag and put them in the fridge in the produce drawer.
I also put a fresh bunch of bananas in a Green Bag on the counter and left one banana out as a “control subject.” (Hey, I’m skeptical!)

I was absolutely shocked to find that everything promised about the Green Bags is TRUE! Within three days the banana on the counter was half brown, while the bananas in the bag were like brand new! I was able to keep a bunch of celery for over three weeks (and still counting). I took the strawberries out of the bag after nine days to use and they were perfect! The lettuce held up more than twice as long as usual and the peppers lasted about three times as long!
I am a person who loves having fresh produce around but am always so frustrated that it goes bad, before I have the chance to use it up. This is the answer to my problem! Now I can pick up fresh things and know that they will still be there in a couple of weeks if it takes me that long to get to them. No more “cash in the trash” for me!
The best thing of all, is that the Green Bags are washable! and reusable! While the package says you can wash them in the dishwasher, I just turn mine inside out and wash them by hand and air dry.
At 50 cents each, I have decided the Green Bags are definitely a worthwhile investment for me!
Written by: Sheila Talley © 2008,