Product Review: Burger Press


This past holiday everyone in my family knew exactly what to get for me- kitchen gadgets. Opening presents was so much fun because I got all kinds of new kitchen toys to play with.

One thing I make all the time is hamburgers, but lately with my arthritis being so bad I have a hard time. Patting out the patties was difficult, but not anymore. My in-laws bought me a handy-dandy Hamburger Press. All I have to do now is put a wad of hamburger meat on it and press lightly and woo-hoo I have instant perfect patties. This is an awesome little tool for me because my husband is a meat and potatoes guy and I use hamburger meat for burgers, hamburger steaks, etc. If you are a hamburger fanatic like us and you have arthritis in your hands or wrists, then this is a must-have for your kitchen. You can also use it for ground chicken and turkey too.
Enjoy the new year and make a resolution to make cooking an easier and more enjoyable experience.

Submitted by: Stefanie Mullins,, © 2007