Product Review: DreamAid Pillow Covers


August is “Good Night, Sleep Right” month at!
Are you looking for a unique gift? Something that the receiver can not find anywhere else. I have found these pillow cases from that I think may make the perfect gift for so many people. You might be able to find a great gift for even those most difficult to shop for. There are so many cute sayings to choose from. This store’s slogan is healing rest for body, mind and soul, which sounds great to me!

Each pillow cover is designed with a “dream” or “wish” for the person who receives it. They have slogans for every age group like “May shooting stars, Carry your hopes and dreams far…” or the perfect gift for someone you love, “I thank my lucky stars Your love is in my heart”. Instead of the typical flowers, I think these would make a great uplifting, get well gift. If someone you know is stuck in bed trying to feel better, they will see this pillow every morning and night and smile. They were specifically created to help individuals, of all ages, tap into a blissful dream state. Getting good sleep is so important, why not make your bedtime ritual feel special?
They ship to the US and internationally. Each white pillowcase is $24 for a Standard size. 250 thread count.
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Article written by Christine Miserandino, © 2007