Summer Product Review: Reef Flip Flops


I discovered Reef flip-flops about 10 years ago and I absolutely love them. As soon as we have the first warm day of spring I’m wearing mine outside and they are my number one footwear for the whole summer. I wear them everywhere – I have shopped, partied, gardened, even hiked in them. I also use them instead of slippers for much of the year.

Reef now does a vast range of flip-flops. I always get the types with the thick, shaped soles, the wide straps and no gadgets. They are extremely hard-wearing and although they are usually more expensive than other flip-flops, I think they are very good value for my money. My Reefs tend to last about 5 years with heavy use and during that time they only get increasingly more comfortable.

The thick shaped soles provide my feet with good support and protection and they mold to your feet with wearing, while the wide straps keep them on your feet with no effort and no chafing. I have tried many other types of flip-flops and often find that flat soles and thin straps mean that I am struggling to keep the flip-flops properly on my feet and my feet are killing me after just a few hours. It has always been a relief to get home whenever I wore some non-Reef flip-flops, in order to put my Reefs on and stop my feet from hurting.

I also have leg and back problems with my Fibro and Myofascial Pain and my Reefs are by far the comfiest footwear in my closet. The wide soles provide good shock absorption and you can even get Reefs with air cushions in the heels. Although they don’t provide direct ankle support, I find that they are so well-balanced, that I twist my ankles (and knees) less often in my Reefs, than in many of my supposedly supportive shoes.

I would suggest Reefs for anyone looking to try a flip-flop as a “Spoonie”, or who just wants a comfortable alternative to summer sandals.

Review written by Lindsey Middlemiss

  • Pinktastic

    I love Reef flip flops! They are so comfy, with soft straps and thick, squishy soles. The only thing to watch for is to make sure that when the soles start to break down (which they will because they are soft foam) that you invest in a new pair. The breakdown of the shoe can start to affect the way that you walk and ultimately result in increased pain if not addressed. Reefs are my ultimate go to flip flop every year! LOVE them!

  • Maria

    Where do you get these shoes at? They sound great.

    Thanks in advance,

  • You are SO right! I have an ongoing love affair with my 2 pairs of Reefs… shh, don’t tell my boyfriend 😉 They are by far the most comfortable items of footwear I own, and definitely go from the beach to a restaurant with no problem. I also wore them when I was in the hospital being treated for my headaches, which was great.

  • I too love my Reefs! I know a ton of people who even graduated college wearing theirs! They are super comfy and I have been known to walk NYC for hours in them.