Product Review: I Lost A Lot, But I Found The NuBra!


We’ve all had to give up many things since becoming ‘professionally chronically ill’. Slinky dresses maybe? High heels? Pantyhose or Tights? Pants? But the thing out of all of the things I’ve missed having daily since getting sick, is my bra!! My body is too swollen & tender to be able to bear binding straps, or under-wires. Even sports bras constrict too much for me to be comfortable for even a few quick minutes! So finally a few years back I was forced to retire my pretty assorted collection of brassieres.

Now I don’t know about you guys, but I feel mostly naked in public without one. Unless you wear a blanket the size of a small but elegant Pachyderm, everyone is going to notice you’ve chosen to forgo the ‘Chestal Armor. I could only stand to hear my partner say, “Oh, but I don’t mind a bit if you don’t wear one,” so many times before I began to fiendishly search for an alternative. Surely out there somewhere there had to be a gentle cradle for the ‘girls’ that didn’t make me feel like I’d been enclosed in an iron lung during the Spanish Inquisition?

I went to ‘Victoria Has No Secrets’ at the mall and asked a deeply uninterested and overpaid salesgirl to measure my bust size. I then explained to her that I was chronically ill and how important it was for me to find something soft & comfortable. The next hour was spent making up new words as I realized I couldn’t fasten most of the ‘lacy spine manglers’ without calling for the less than eager help of my apathetic salesgirl. Another 45 minutes was spent trying to get into positions that would win a Twister championship at a yoga retreat. This was all while trying convince my arms, shoulders, hands and fingers to act like they were all part of the same body, and still tenuously connected to my brain. Finally, when completely surrounded by a veritable mountain of silky creations created by Hades himself, did I admit my utter defeat.

Maybe there just weren’t any options for someone like me. It wouldn’t be the first time that’s happened during my years of happy fun time on the ‘too sick to blink express’. I noted the irritation from the salesgirl when I explained why I wasn’t buying any of the forty-two bras she’d brought me for me to try on. Clearly communicating that I was defective in some way for not being her version of ‘normal’, her arrogance served to remind me I wasn’t ready to wave the white flag just yet. The ‘girls’ needed me! So, I searched high and low for answers. Surely, I wasn’t the only one prevented from wearing those silky little bear traps of doom? Science had managed to grow a human ear in a finger bowl. Certainly, someone somewhere had cared enough to give sore and aching bosoms a happy and comfortable home?

Some time later, I was having lunch with a dear friend we’ll call Lola. She’d just undergone breast surgery to remove fibroid masses in both her breasts. She discussed her arduous post operative process, and how hard it was for her to find anything she could stand to wear from the waist up since her surgery. The ‘girls’ and I knew then and there that our long search for comfort might almost come to and end.

I asked her what type of bra she’d been wearing since surgery, and explained the tremendous difficulty I’d had in finding one that didn’t make me want to kick a fluffy kitten when I was wearing it. She smiled the knowing smile of one who has secret wisdom to impart, and whispered the two words that have since changed my life:


I’d like to say I heard a chorus of angels as I heard those magical words, but most likely it was just the ‘girls’ singing loudly off key with unabashed joy. Lola went on to tell me that ‘NuBra’ is made with pharmaceutical grade and skin sensitive adhesive. They are wonderfully lightweight and fasten in the front so you don’t have to dislocate both your shoulders and wrists simultaneously trying to get them on!

Each one lasts for over a 100 wearings, and come in so many pretty and comfy ‘flavors’! There are even a few ‘NuBra’ styles that specialize in giving the cup size challenged ladies, like me, amazing never before seen cleavage! The first time I looked down and saw my movie Star ‘girls’, I must admit my swollen, aching self felt pretty sexy! My sweetie thinks it’s the coolest thing since the invention of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. He calls mine ‘The NASA Bra’! Even if you’re strictly interested in comfort not curves, NuBra has a style that will work gently for you.

However, don’t be fooled by the many other impostor adhesive bra brands. They are shabby imitations of the miraculous ‘NuBra’. They may cost less, but they will let you and the ‘girls’ down! (pun intended).

There are many different ‘NuBra’s’ to choose from depending on size, type and need. They allow you to move freely without binding or restricting you. Sometimes I even forget I am wearing mine, which says a lot for someone to whom clothing has been a painful arch-enemy! They’re also incredibly easy to hand wash, even for swollen hands and fingers. I even manage to make mine last longer than the recommended 100 uses. They leave behind no adhesive or sticky residue when removed, and taking it off doesn’t hurt even the most tender or feverish of skin. ‘NuBra’ has truly given me back a small but important part of my much mourned, previous womanly routine. From my ‘girls’ to your yours, “straps are torture, NOT support.” Go ‘NuBra’. The three of you will be glad you did.

The ‘NuBra’ can be found in all it’s supportive glory at;


Article written by guest writer, Chelle Denise 

Chelle Denise lives in the always rainy but exotically lush State of Oregon, outside the land of many bridges, near the City of Portland. She’s a parent, partner, disabled health & human rights activist, & more! Chelle was diagnosed with primary sjogrens and secondary lupus in 2005. She’s since added an advanced & rapid form of rheumatoid arthritis to the laundry list which also includes pre-existing endometriosis & bowel adhesions. She can be found trying to ‘Save the World, One Spoon at a Time’ on twitter @PurpleGimp &


  • April Linn

    When I wear bras with straps, my shoulder and back doesn’t feel comfortable. I wear strapless backless bras sometimes, and they largely relieve my pain. I also tried a lot of backless strapless bras until I find the right one, Niidor. Niidor is less expensive than nubra, and I got mine fromtheir website for 16USD. I really don’t have much money due to the chronic pain.

  • irene fassam

    I ordered the 6 bras from genie bra for a bottom line of over $85.00. I found them in the store for $10.00 each without the shipping and handling charges. I am totally disappointed. They are comfortable and easy to put on but they do all the bad things they promise not to do. I found the anti-gravity bra cheaper but I am leery about ordering them because they look just like the genie bra and I don’t want to be disappointed again. I can’t imagine wearing a adhesive bra even after your testimony.

  • Thanks so much for posting about the Ahh Bra, Bettie & Chelle. Amazingly they do one in my size, and I’m ordering today. It has a 30 money back guarantee, so I feel safe buying to try. My only complaint is that you have to buy THREE at a time. Very annoying!! However, if it really does work well, it’ll be a lifesaver for me! I’ve struggled with bras for years. I’m so ill now with ME that even the softest, gentlest of clothes cause me problems, so bras are like a device of torture … I’m not kidding!

    From the descriptions, I would have preferred to try the Genie Bra that was also mentioned here … but they didn’t have it in my size- or at least, not in the UK. (it’s always harder to get things here!)

    Will try to come back to give you girls my opinion once it arrives. 😉

  • Sharon Antes

    I misspelled my last name. HAHAHAHAHA – I am not an Ant. I am an Antes………..Jeez!

  • Sharon Ants

    I was just thinking the other day while I was twisting at my bra there has to be something out there that would be more comfortable. I have chronic chest pain and anything across my chest is so uncomfortable. I will definitely check into this bra….thanks for the laughs and the info!

  • Erin

    I wonder how comfy the thongs are…I have a huge huge huge problem with underwear…most of them sit right at my herniation level and iritates the skin to the point that i get the sensative to the touch skin feeling…its the one feeling i can’t “work around” my only solution has been to go without underwear which is so unlady like but comfort is worth it to me..

  • I had so much fun reading this, I read it to my husband (who also makes frequent comments about not minding if I don’t wear a bra). I have recently developed hypersensitive “nervy’ feeling skin on the side of my ribcage and across my back, making bras uncomfortable (actually, it is me that is uncomfortable, not the bra). I have been using camisoles and very soft t-shirts, which are fine for every day, but sometimes I need something more supportive. I just ordered a NuBra, though it exhausted me reading about the different kinds, and having to choose without actually seeing and feeling them. Thanks for passing on the tip (no pun intended).

  • I just bought this beauty in hopes it help relieve my shoulders of pain. Because of my chest size, something without straps is near impossible.

    And if it doesn’t fit, I can return it. 🙂

  • Karen Vasquez

    Great and usefull post. I too have needed help getting clothing off in dressing room while been trapped something cute and impossible. Loved the “Victoria has no Secret” – Stealing it, (will give credit of course) Loved bear traps of doom. Thanks for the great intro to NuVBra. I’ve worn layers of tank tops under my clothes to avoid wearing a regular bra.

  • Becky

    I am going to that website immediately! I have worn a strapless bra for 3 years because of my chronic pain. I cannot stand to have ANYTHING on my shoulders. I am about to have a neuro stimulator implanted so know it will be an on going issue. Hooray for an alternative! Terri, I saw where you have done this, too. If you have any words of wisdom let me know! LOL


  • Terri Wetz

    I am running, not walking, to the NuBra website! I had a spinal cord stimulator implant then had a revision to that for the newest and greatest one on the market but had a horrible episode of rejection. This left me with a sensitive lump on my back exactly where a bra’s backstrap hits you.

    Thanks so much for the tip. I am tiny too and the added possibility of getting a little “extra” is always on the top of my list!

  • Nolly

    I love the bras from

    They’re available in pretty much every size imaginable, soft, comfortable, and the straps never fall. You can get ribbing instead of elastic for the band, which might be more comfortable for some. I like the front-close better than the pull-on variety for everyday wear.

    Took me a few tries to find the right size for me in their system — trust the measurements, but be prepared to go back and forth a couple of times, too. THey’re generally custom made, so it’s not the fastest or cheapest source, but so worth it, at least to me.

  • Elspeth

    Years ago, when I had a bilateral breast reduction (taking me from a G to a small C, oh happy day 🙂 ), I wasn’t able to wear a bra for 6+ weeks while the incisions healed. However, I had to go to work to pay for the surgery, so ended up wearing camisoles under all of my shirts. Worked for a couple of years until I gained weight, bringing me back up to a DD.

    I’ve seen the Nu-bra and wish it were an option for me, but I’m allergic to almost all adhesives, pharmaceutical grade or otherwise.

    For years, I have worn front closure bras – the top of the cup is lacy, and the rest works to give me support and relieve some of the weight. I buy the “Just My Size” brand and am relatively happy with them (now if only I could keep the straps from falling off my shoulders). I go to get mine at a plus size store – all of the sales ladies are plus size and know what it means to search for a bra that is comfortable and won’t cut into your shoulders, and they’re all trained in how to fit bras correctly. Makes my life so much easier in the long run

  • and I almost forgot, it *the Genie Bra* goes up to a size 4XL

  • I found a better deal than the AhhBra. The original product *turns out the AhhBra is a knock off* The Genie Bra gives you 6 bras for the price of 3 ahhbras!

  • Greetings All!

    About to take my bedazzled ‘Happy Can’ on the road for 2 days with the family at the Oregon Coast! First time we’ve been able to get away in years! *prays for extra spoons*

    Thanks for the stellar feedback & smiles! I needed them this morning in a BIG way! Rough yak filled night! You guys rock my world! So sorry for those NuBra doesn’t have a size for at this time. :(( But one of my oldest & dearest friends up there ^^ Miss Bettie Boneshaker, also recommends the ‘Ahh Bra’ as a comfy alternative with an extensive size range.

    Bettie says; “They look like a sports bra but are made of a pantyhose type material and feel like the’re not there. They also come in sizes Teeny to 3x.” Thank you Bettie! *squish*

    It can be found through Amazon, and at

    My thanks also to everyone who hit the red, candy-like, ‘share’ button ! I can’t tell you how much strength, hope, and laughter this Community provides me on a daily basis.

    I thank the Universe for each & every one of you.

    *Spoonie Squishes*

  • Carrie Robinson

    They don’t carry DDD…pout….still no ‘chestal armor’ for me.

  • Cindy Murphy

    You have NO IDEA how fast I am going to that website! Very timley(for me), informative and HILARIOUS post! THANK YOU and Keep ’em coming!

  • Chelle, you have inspired me to try the NuBra! I just wrote something about the gyrations I do to get into my clothes now that the arthritis/fibro/lupus trips have come to visit. It ain’t pretty! As for bras. . . grrrr. However, at my age, I can’t easily go without one either. Gravity is NOT your friend once past a certain age, trust me, especially for those of us who are well-endowed by our creator. Thank you, thank you, thank you. . . for the good giggle and for an alternative to shake, rattle and roll!

  • Christine W

    You made me laugh out loud!! (at work sitting at my desk, girl sitting next to me looked at me funny so of course I just had to share :)) Made my day, keep rollin strong, you & the girls {{Hugs}}

  • Greetings Everyone! Thanks for the feedback!

    Stephanie; Right.Back.Atcha.Babe ! Thanks for your Super Duper Editor Powers ! I ordered you an Invisible Jet for ease of commute! Lass of Truth on back order.

    MeriLizzie; Sounds like we indeed have much in common! Straps & purses always slip off me too. I finally started carrying a small vintage clutch, and gave up on long straps altogether. NuBra, is super comfy! Hope they have one that works well for you. Let me know if you strike gold! ^_~

    Melissa; I’m sorry they don’t have one in your size. I guess that’s one of the upswings of having a tiny chest, they usually have plenty of ‘Flat as a Pancake’ size for me! If you ever want to trade though, let me know. *hee* Thanks for reading! ^_^

    Karen; I think ‘obnoxious’ must be a pre-requisite to work at ‘Victoria Has No Secrets’!I’m not going back there again either. Not to mention as someone who worked in the Fashion Industry there are many kind & gentle ways to explain sizes aren’t available in someones range, without being hateful! As for NuBra, I’m also ultra sensitive to adhesive, bandaid & surgical tape give me welts. But the adhesive on Nubra has never caused me any tenderness. I wonder if you could find someone locally that carries it with a return policy if you can’t wear it? Hope it works out for you :))

    I really appreciate the opportunity to share my ‘Adventures on The Gimp Express’ with all of you. *super squish*

  • I Love You! The article is fabulous and hillarious as well as informative. You should also try AhhBras. they look like a sports bra but are made of a pantyhose type material and feel like the’re not there. They also come in sizes Teeny to 3x.

  • The last time I set foot in a Victoria’s Secret was when the obnoxious salesgirl told me I was too fat to fit in anything they had (I was, just BARELY). I have since become medium-sized again, but they have lost my business forever!

    May have to look into this NuBra. Sometimes when the trigger points in my shoulders and back are active it becomes quite painful to put elastic straps over them, and it would be nice to have an alternative. I am ultra-sensitive to adhesive though.

    Thanks for this informative and funny article!

  • Just checked and it doesn’t even come close to coming in my size! I’m glad you found something for you though. 🙂

  • I have RA and today I was thinking about how the purse strap over my shoulders was hurting and how the bra straps don’t feel good either. I also find it hurts to put my bra on & take it off. I’ll have to check out the NuBra site and see if they have my size. I have a “substantial” size chest so it’s hard to find the right size sometimes!

  • Must. Get. Me. Some!

    Thing about EDS, bra straps and purses are the bane of my existence! Constantly pulling up bra straps or purses that won’t stay on my shoulder!


  • You. Crack. Me. Up.