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I was looking for something a little bit more fun then the typical baby shoes that look like white sneakers or white sandals. We have never been a bland, boring, or vanilla white family and we were looking for soft soled shoes since our baby is not walking yet. We love to have fun with bold colors and fun designs, so I was so happy when I went to We picked out the cutest slip-on shoes. They have tons of designs to choose from so we chose the pink shoes with little skull and crossbones on them, and black shoes with rockin’ guitars. These shoes are sold for about $24 USD.

Some key features of these shoes are:
-The upper materials are made of a very soft lamb skin leather.
-The inside of the shoe is fully lined with 100% cotton fabric. There are not any rough leather edges that could cause pain to your child.
-A discreet elastic that has been properly placed above the heel to provide a snug fit, without restricting circulation to the foot.
-A nylon heel pull with reinforced stitching is provided to aide in getting the shoes on and off easily.
-The sole is constructed of soft, non-slip, suede leather with a thin foam cushion insert.
-Size Medium has an additional EVA rubber insert that adds comfort while protecting the foot from small objects while walking outside.
This store has so many items to choose from if you are looking for a baby girl. Her specialty is personalized items like embroidered bibs, or engraved gift items. She also has very unique items like boutique style painted rocking chairs.
I like to write product reviews from websites that I use, because I shop alot online. I can not get out to a mall or major department store that often, so I rely on the internet for most of my shopping. I like to pass on stores to others that have different items, great customer service, and I especially love when a store helps another work from home mom. does all those things.
Article written by Christine Miserandino, © 2008