Book Review: Monster


Written by: Frank Peretti
A monster is lurking in the woods. A monster that will threaten everything we
hold dear. A monster that is so unheard of, it’s disrupting the whole
eco-system. Part human, part ape, it is extremely unnatural. Will it lead to the
destruction of all humanity?

Reed and his wife Rebecca are going on a wilderness survival weekend with their
two friends. They’re expecting a fun and restful weekend away from the stresses
of their normal fast-paced lives. Little do they know that this weekend has the
potential to change their lives forever. The first hint of trouble comes when
they arrive at the cabin, to find it destroyed. What animal possibly has the
potential to do so much damage? Next thing they know, night is upon them,
strange noises start echoing through the woods and they are on a chase where
their very lives are at stake. The animal grabs Rebecca and disappears. Reed is
stunned- what will happen next? Will he lose the love of his life or will he be
able to save her?

Monster written by: Frank Peretti, is a fast paced, thrilling novel which will
keep you up all night, on the edge of your seat. Ifa science fiction novel is
your thing, then this book is for you. It’s amazing, that not only is the plot
wonderfully captivating, but there is also something to cheer about. This book
is definitely worth investing your money in, so take the time and stop at your
local bookstore. You won’t be sorry.


Title: Monster
Author: Frank Peretti
Publisher: Nelson
Reviewed By: Elisabeth Adkins