Product Review: Story Time Felts


Story Time Felts are made by a company that believes in a hands on approach to learning. Their slogan is “Story Time is Together Time.”

Their catalog contains felt dolls and clothing, story pieces, calandar and job charts, as well as educational thematic backgrounds with coordinating pieces; like dinosaurs, the farm, the ocean and the rain forest. The collection of felt pieces and background boards are diverse, including math games, Nursery Rhymes and scriptures stories. There is something of interest for every child.
As a teacher of four year olds, I know first hand how much little ones love the feel of felt. Using a felt board or storybook encourages fine motor skills and creativity, as well as tactile learning.

I have The Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly kit, which includes the felt backdrop of the old lady with a large opening by her mouth, which the pieces go into and fall inside a pocket in the back. The pieces correspond to the song of the same name. The old lady begins swallowing a fly, then a spider, a bird, and so forth all the way up to a cow. Children will find it extremely amusing to see the old lady gulp down each creature.
Story Time Felts are great learning tools for the child as young as 2 to age 8. They are easy to store and even more importantly are interactive. As an educator, teaching Pre-Kindergarten for over 30 years, I have seen more and more, that our young children are already hooked on the computer at an early age. Though the computer has its benefits, our children are not always learning social or creative skills that they will need. Story Time Felts helps to foster both of these important skills.
-Written by Janet Miserandino, ©2006