Book Review “A Mom’s Story” by Brenda Blackmon


Every once in a while a book, a movie, or a TV show comes along that really touches your heart- your core. It makes a difference in your life and resonates with you, as something special. Recently, I read Brenda Blackman’s book “A Mom’s Story” and it was that same kind of experience. “A Mom’s Story” was my story too. Brenda Blackman is an award winning journalist and co-anchor of My9 News, but first and foremost, she is a mother. In 2003, her daughter Kelly, a college student, was diagnosed with Lupus. In 1992, my daughter Christine, a high school student was diagnosed with Lupus. Brenda watched her daughter in the hospital lose weight and battle this demon which was attacking her brain. I sat by my daughter’s hospital bed, watched her swell with Prednisone and battle the Lupus that was attacking her central nervous system. Our hearts ached and we both wished we could do anything at all to relieve our child’s pain, frustrations and fears. We both, I am sure, continue forward by taking one day at a time and doing a lot of praying.

Brenda Blackman took beautiful photographs of the ever changing clouds in the sky and partnered them with musings from the journals she kept. The photos and the accompanying passages make up the book “A Mom’s Story.” The captions are both thoughtful and uplifting and the messages of love and hope are universal. It is a book you can look at again and again and with each reading a different passage will speak to you anew. This is a wonderful book for anyone suffering silently with a chronic illness and the parents, especially the mothers who love them. Though our children may grow older, they are always the children we so despearately wish we could protect and make happy forever. All proceeds from the book go to benefit The Kelly Fund for Lupus, a not for profit organization founded by Miss Blackman. Its mission is to raise both funds and awareness of Lupus. For more info go to-


Review written by Janet Miserandino

  • Renee

    i was diagnosed with lupus at 17 after years of misdiagnosis a trip to psychiatric unit of children’s hospital. this seems like a book that my mother and i both would take a lot from. 

  • Thank you for the fabulous book review of my Mother’s book Mrs. Miserandino! Love and hugs to you & Christine XOXOXO