Book Review: The Lighthouse Land (Lighthouse Trilogy)


It is rare when you find a book both young people and adults alike will want to read. It is also rare to find a book where the main character is dealing with cancer and instead of being the “pity” of the book, he is actually the

If you or your child knows anyone going through Cancer, this would be a great book for them. Not only will it help them escape into this fantasy land, but they will delight to see the hero of the book is the hero despite his illness, not because of it. Good mentors, are hard to come by, and this main character is the exception. This is the first in the sci-fi trilogy by McKinty, previously known for adult crime novels.
When Jamie’s mother inherits a small island, and moves her little family from Harlem to Ireland, her troubled son sees a chance to start over, far away from the bullies and the pitying stares. Cancer has left Jamie without an arm or the will to speak. But Muck Island offers more than solitude and sea views. Jamie learns that he is heir to an ancient title, Laird of Muck, Guardian of the Passage, and certain otherworldly responsibilities. With the help of a mysterious object he discovers in the island’s old lighthouse, Jamie sets out on a dangerous mission that will change the course of his life, and possibly the universe, forever.
The book is a page turner, as the reader wants to eagerly find out what happens next. The references to current day pop culture keeps the book current and “fresh,” while enticing you into this “new world”.
I recommend this book to science fiction lovers, which with the Harry Potter phenomenon, I am sure there is alot of!
Article written by: Christine Miserandino, © 2006
Author: Adrian McKinty
Publisher: Amulet (October 1, 2006)
Language: English
ISBN: 081095480X