Personal Essay: The Let Down


On September 30, my daughter Christine, aka “Spoon Lady,” got married. The preparations took over a year in the making. Though Chris and Frank did most of the planning, it was fun to hear about each step along the way. I looked forward to food tastings, bridal dress shopping, mother-of-the-bride dress shopping, engagement dinner, dress fittings, planning for a bridal shower and so much more.

The day finally arrived and she was a breath-taking bride, which words would fail to describe. The groom cut a dashing figure in his deep brown, pin-striped tuxedo. Two hundred family and friends gathered to eat, drink, dance and rejoice along with us. Then in what feels like the blink of an eye, it was all over, we were dancing the last dance and I hated to see it end.
For a week or two I was still in afterglow; showing pictures from the wedding, re-telling every detail to whoever would listen and then hearing all about the honeymoon from the newlyweds. I am one of the lucky ones, I have a new grandchild to look forward to and then the whirlwind of plans and events will begin all over again. There is something therapeutic and healing about having a special event to look forward to. Your mind and your spirit gets caught up in the excitement and everyday aches and pains seem to drift to the back of your mind. On the day before Chris’ wedding I had trouble with both my knees and my husband had to have dental surgery, yet both of us floated through the day on a “high.”
Now it feels like there is a “let down”, and I guess that is why I am writing. We don’t always have big blowout events to plan a year in advance for, but we can make sure there is always something special on our horizon.Whether it is a girls’ night out to the movies or a quiet dinner out with your husband, we should take time to plan for our own ‘special mini-events”. I know for myself, if I don’t take the time and the initiative to plan things like meeting old friends for lunch, they just don’t happen. I also know that when I do have special things to look forward to and to enjoy, those “highs” get me through the lows and help me to ignore the aches and pains of middle age.
So take the time today, look at your calendar and make some plans. You may not have a wedding coming up, but plan your Thanksgiving, if you have not already done so. Plan your weekend. Having something special to look forward to will certainly not take away all your symptoms, but laughing and enjoying life with your family and friends can’t hurt.
Essay written by Janet Miserandino,, © 2006

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