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Looking for unique and one-of-a-kind gifts, but want to make a great contribution to the world and people in need? I have the answer and it is

I always look for unique things for family and friends, but I also look for a chance to do a good deed. While searching for the latter I came across a well known site in their collection: The Hunger Site. At this site clicking on a button gives food to the hungry, with a good portion staying stateside here and the rest divided among the world in need. Great! They also have similar sister sites called: The Breast Cancer Site, The Literacy Site, The Child Health Site, The Rain forest Site and The Animal Rescue Site. You can go between them easily via tabs at the top of the page.
Better yet, I discovered, they each have storefronts with great one-of-a-kind items from all over the world. Many of them are through work training programs to help people better their lives or fairly traded, even sustainable products! Can’t ask for a better deal! They also have program specific things you can donate to, for specific items. For instance, you can spend $10.00 to take care of two rescued rabbits or spend money to feed a U.S. family of four, for a specific allotment of time. (These also come with an email that will be sent, so you can claim the tax deduction!)
Better still, each physical item you purchase, donates to the cause the storefront is for. One item might donate 14 cups of food to the hungry, or 28 cups of food to an animal shelter, or preserve 300 acres of rain forest, etc! It’s a great way to give a gift and then say you donated in their name. The gift that gives to others! From silk scarves, earrings, and fair trade chocolates, to slippers, toys and dog brushes, this site has something for everyone. Simply
choose the site that will donate to a cause the person will be interested in helping,, find a nice gift they will enjoy having and give!
Best of all, for those of us in pain and avoiding the cold, it is all online! I even had an issue with one order, no muss, no fuss, no questions asked, the issue was fixed within an HOUR and they sent it out that day, so I got the replacement within a week. They mean business and GOOD business at that!
Check them out:
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