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Sre you Looking for a Drug Rehab Center? – Narconon Vista Bay might be a great option for you to consider. Of course you should do your own research, and check with your doctors before starting any new treatment.

The drug rehab center is the most effective rehabilitation program available today. An amazing 76% of our graduates choose to remain drug-free and become productive members of society. The drug rehab program at Narconon Vista Bay is backed by a solid Graduate Assurance Plan such that if any graduate of the program following their approved discharge plan relapses within 6 months of graduating, they will re-admit them at no charge!
Their success rate is so much higher than other alcohol and drug rehab programs simply because theyuse a unique 4-phase approach to completely rehabilitate the drug addict and the desire to use drugs as an escape in the first place;
Phase I: Our Sauna Based, Drug-Free Detox Program to rid the body of drug residuals.
Phase II: Special Educational Therapies designed to gently assist the addict to self-control.
Phase III: Additional Educational Therapies to rehab self-esteem and cure the need for drugs.
Phase IV: A Follow-Up Program to assist the former addict back into society. The website offers information for identification, treatment, and recovery of drug and alcohol addictions.
The company’s message is very straightforward, and the website is very well organized. For those who are seeking information, either for themselves, or for someone close to them, com offers drug facts, intervention advice, recovery information, and easy to access contact information for both telephone and web based inquiries.
Readers are informed of different types of addiction, how to identify an addiction, and what options are available for treatment. seems to have almost a “homeopathic” approach towards addiction recovery. The cornerstone of our approach to drug rehabilitation is our Sauna Based Detox Program. Street drugs, prescription drugs, alcohol and other drugs can remain in the body for years. These residues can trigger a variety of symptoms, including drug cravings and depression. An exact program of medically supervised exercise, dry sauna sweating and vitamins, rid fatty tissues of these residues. The result is the person no longer experiences the adverse effects of the drugs they have taken in the past.
I Like the quote from the main home page on the website that says

Our 30 acre drug rehab campus is a comfortable and casual retreat aimed at healing and appropriate for all ages. Our students are treated with respect and are allowed to be themselves. We don’t just get people off drugs, we bring them back to the way they were BEFORE THEY EVER STARTED TAKING DRUGS.

Each of the various contact and inquiry forms are simple and straightforward, and include clear 1800 telephone numbers featured promenantl on the home page, for those who would prefer to speak with a representative rather than use e-mail.
Dealing with drug addiction and drug rehabilitation can be an overwhelming process for the addicted person as well as their family and friends. With thousands of drug rehab treatment options available, finding the right information and treatment options is a burden in itself. The resources and assistance available at help to get the process started, and are a welcome addition to the health community.
Some key points from their website worth repeating are:
* The Narconon Vista Bay program has a very high (76%) success rate.
* The Narconon Vista Bay program has a full body sauna detoxification removing drug residues.
*The Narconon Vista Bay program is one flat rate regardless of time spent in the program.
*The Narconon Vista Bay program offers a guarantee that if any graduate following their approved discharge plan relapses, we can take them back at no cost.
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