Website Review: Abel&Cole: A Review of an Organic Food Delivery Service in the UK


It is Healthy Eating month at!
In order to eat healthily, you need to have healthy food ready in the house in my opinion – when you’re low on Spoons and needing food, if it’s a choice between going to the grocery store to buy some ingredients for a proper meal or grabbing a ready meal or pizza out of the freezer, then in our house, it would always be freezer food. Getting organic vegetables delivered is one way to make sure you have healthier food available all the time.
There are a number of options for getting organic vegetables delivered in the UK, but we use Abel & Cole and have been extremely pleased with the company and their service.

What always put me off getting an organic vegetables box delivered before was that there are certain things I really don’t like that would just get wasted. Well, the one thing that has made the most difference for us with Abel & Cole is that you can let them know your Likes and Dislikes. They have a fantastic, easy to use website and you can go through a list of all the vegetables they might put in your box and say whether you dislike them and never want to get them, like them or love them and want them as often as possible. You can change these settings on a permanent or temporary basis, so if you have a surplus of, say, carrots, then you can let them know that next week you don’t want any more carrots!
Another great thing about Abel & Cole is the variety of fruit and vegetable boxes they have available. So whether you need basic vegetables for a family of four, or luxury vegetables for two, they have a box for you. They do fruit as well as vegetables – you can have a mixed fruit and vegetable box, or either on its own. They even do a box specifically for people who like making smoothies!
You can also add to your box, so if you know that you will need at least one lettuce every week, you can add a lettuce to your box order, knowing that whatever varies in the box, you will have lettuce. And with extras like this, you can specify whether you want them every week or at greater intervals.
Abel & Cole don’t just do fruit and vegetables either. They have a vast range of organic foods, and even eco cleaning products, that you can have delivered to your door. Everything is either packaged in their cardboard boxes which you flatten and return to your driver for re-use, or in brown paper bags.
All-in-all it’s a great service, and one that makes it a lot easier for me to eat healthily.
Review written by Lindsey Middlemiss , © 2008