Please note: we are aware that the message boards are down and we are working on getting them up and running as soon as possible


Please note: we are aware that the message boards are down and we are working on getting them up and running as soon as possible. We have had some major technical issues and hosting issues, and we are working to resolve them.

We know that the holidays can be an especially hard time for us “spoonies” and readers of this site. PLEASE take advantage of other ways to connect with others through other social media channels in the meantime of us fixing the message boards:

on facebook:

On twitter:   (remember to use the hastag #spoonie and you will find many friends from all over the world to connect with!)

Thank you for your patience as we build an even better for you!



  • Barbara

    Hi. Really worried now!!!! It’s getti g on for a year and still no boards. Are they not coming back??
    Did we get a closed group on f book?? I miss all my BYDLS friends and their support. I hope everyone is coping
    Much love. Barbara

  • Cathi

    I’d really love to see the boards back up – it was a great place for me to connect with people who were going through the same things I was, see if anyone was having similar symptoms and how they handled it, and occasionally being able to vent my frustrations to folks who have been through it and really understood what I was going through. Please?

  • unicorn

    Hi, thanks for the update, really the miss the support, both receiving and giving as that is when beiin a spoonie is useful : )

    Yep fb is a prob as, stupidly I regisrtered in my own name and don’t appreciate fb keep changing what is visible and who can see it. Hope things are back soon.

    Saw the post about support for the idea of donations to help but couldn’t see voting options? Take care

  • Amik

    I really miss the boards and the valuable support and advice of other spoonies. I really hope that the boards will be back up soon. I’m starting to get worried about whether the boards will be back at all, since it’s been so long. Is there something us spoonies can do to help with it?

    I second what Sarah wrote about the Facebook page. It would be a lot nicer if it was a closed group and only members could read the comments there. I don’t want to post there since I don’t want my Facebook friends to read everything I write. I feel like I can’t be really open about my circumstances and illnesses on the Facebook page of BYDLS unless the group is closed.

  • bigb00

    really miss the boards… definitly need support during the holidays and sad they are not around ..

  • Amanda

    Just peeking in to see how the boards were doing. Hope they are back soon! Best of wishes!

  • Ms Jai

    I hope that the boards are back up soon. I know I could use the support that is missing from them (also the only real support that I have) and I am very worried about some of my spoonie friends that I cannot contact if the boards are down.

    Here’s to everyone getting a spoon genie for the holidays!

  • I would just like to say I to miss the bores. I feel like I am not able to read and or help other people. Good luck getting them. Back up and running

  • Arielle

    Miss you dreadfully. Thank you for not giving up. Bless you for working so hard to get Spoonville back together again,

  • LornaDoone

    Thanks for the update. I miss all my spoonie friends. I appreciate what you do for us Christine.
    ~Wishing everyone relief.

  • Sarah

    I miss the boards so much and can’t wait until they are back up.
    Would it be possible to make the group on facebook closed so that the comments I post there can only be seen by the group and not my friends? I refuse to post as I don’t friends and family to see anything I write. A closed group would allow people to find the group in the search engines, see a description of the group, and the members but that is all. Thank you for your consideration in this matter!