Sick Humor: The Top 10 Ways That You Know Two Spoonies Are Dating


1.  They know each others’ favorite hospital meal

2.  The smell of disinfectant becomes a turn on

3.  They exchange bodily fluids by dumping each other’s urine containers

4.  Gripper socks become part of the lingerie wardrobe

5.  The only jealousy had is of IV-friendly veins

6.  They begin seeking sponsorship of an upcoming wedding by prescriptions that are mutually taken

7.  While thinking about vows, the phrase “in sickness and in health” will not be included for obvious reasons, primarily because the word “health” does not compute

8.  There is an understanding of the differences between couple time, healing time, and personal time

9.  They are thinking of publishing a kama-sutra type book of spooning positions in a single hospital bed

10.  They think backless hospital gowns should be offered in the Victoria’s Secret catalogue

  Article Written by Staff Writer, Sonja K. Peterson

Sonja is a cat mom with endometriosis and fibromyalgia. She also had a hysterectomy for adenomyosis. She blogs about her experiences at The Mud and the Lotus

  • Emuna

    Im so happy that you have him Carla.

  • Emuna

    Love, love, love this article!

  • Jo

    And another: You know two spoonies are married when most of the moaning and groaning in bed is when both people are changing position.

  • Jo

    You know two spoonies are married when, if a jar needs opening, there’s a conversation to find out whose hands are more functional that day.

  • Moon

    don’t give up on all non spoonies! as a teen with FM I thought dating wasn’t an option, but my boyfriend is really supportive and understanding (and it goes without saying way more mature than most significantly older men i know!) i was diagnosed about a month before we started dating and i told him i didn’t expect a relationship, but he said he wanted to try anyways and hes been my biggest supporter.

  • Tina

    Thanks for this post! Made me laugh! So there is hope in the world for getting a man!

  • Adrienne

    You made me smile – thank you…. I feel hopeless at times that I won’t find someone a spoonie or “non”
    Great top 10 – much better than David Letterman’s for sure…

  • My husband is not a spoonie, but is beginning to experience some of the problems of aging and obesity. We’ve been together for 34 years and he took “in sickness and in health” seriously (well, so did I, but he got the raw deal). Over the years I have presented him with challenges due to my strange quirky body, but in the last year and a half I have thrown both of us for a loop. He’s still right there beside me, holding me up, and smiling. I thank God for him every day because he sure got a whole lot more of my sickness than he bargained for.

  • Jenn

    My relationship with my exbf went down hill when I was diagnosed with 2 autoimmune diseases within a few months from each other. I was a mess emotionally and physically and he didn’t know how to handle it. Heres to hoping I find someone who understands!

  • Tracie

    My husband is not a spoonie, but has cared for me for the last 10 years. I will share this with him!

  • MiniMorg

    This was funny and sad all at once. Although my partner is also NOT a spoony, he is incredibly caring and understanding. Gives me massages, actually sends me to bed when he can see I am really struggling, and generally makes everyday life so much easier. Also he asks “hows your body today?” if he wants to know how I’m feeling. He’s also stuck up for me a few times in front of ignorant people who can’t understand.
    Very rare but he is proof that there are some amazing people out there for us 🙂

  • Janilee

    Awwww, this was so cute. My Fiancé (not a spoony, but after caring for me, the spoony, and my 7 year old, who’s not even his) will love this!
    I only wish I could clone him so that other people could know the love and hope he gives my spoony self every day.

  • Maya

    Oh, this is too cute! My girl and I (and there’s a story in itself *g*) are both spoonies to an extent, and I plan to send this on to her…I know she’ll get a kick out of/identify with a lot of it!

  • Keena

    This is too cute. Don’t give up singles. My hubby is a non spoonie and he is so understanding and caring. They are out there.

  • Teresa Floyd

    This is wonderful. I love all the postings on this site. Thank you for a laugh today. Wish my non-spoonie husband would understand this or at least read the postings. I think it would help him understand me so much better.

  • StephSchiff

    Don’t worry guys, I’ve been married to a non-spoonie for 8 years! Look in public service positions (police, military, firefighters, and other “care, serve, or protect” occupations) for a good guy man enough to love & live with us!

  • Jen

    We’re thinking of changing our vows to “In Sickness and Remission”

  • Elspeth

    I love this 😀 , especially the part about envying the other’s IV friendly veins.

  • Rhoda

    My partner is a “healthy” and he is one of the great ones! He is helpful, kind, understanding and not surprised when I am in bed for the third day in a row when he gets home from work. My appreciation for him knows no bounds!

    So, for all you singles, don’t give up hope, they’re out there!

  • Great job! Very funny and original!

  • My favorite hospital meal was vegetarian lasagna. It actually tasted like food! Nobody else had it because it was vegetarian, but the other guy in my room was jealous when he smelled it.

  • decreases

    how funny it certainly made me use a spoon chuckling away!!! I am a spoonie but my partner of 6 years isn’t yet he is very understanding and caring . Our romantic evening is shared nibbles watching dancing on ice ………… no need to waste spoons getting ready to go out on a bad day in my pj’s with a plate of nibbles and my reliable partner is all I need the rest of my spoons are taken by the laughter i get from watching sunday nite tv.

  • Kristen E

    Don’t give up, folks! My husband (we’ve been married 3 1/2 years) is NOT a spoonie – he’s perfectly healthy and yet he’s very patient and understanding with my problems! He makes me soup when I can’t eat anything else, gets the heating pad when I’m in pain, rubs my neck when my jaw won’t open… it’s possible to find a good man who isn’t a spoonie! They’re rare, but they exist!

  • Vern, please don’t feel so sad. If two chronically ill people can find happiness together, that’s wonderful. Most people want to have someone to love. And they have it.

  • Shari Schindel

    Very funny and clever.

  • Vern

    This is great, funny but sad.

  • isabelle janicaud


  • I loooooooove #7!

  • Sandra Mason-Webb

    Don’t give up hope you single spoonies 🙂 My husband and I are both spoonies, and we celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary today. We met online and we both knew we each suffered from depression – but recently we have both had other ‘invisible’ conditions come into our lives. I don’t know how either of us would’ve coped if we hadn’t had each other – it really does help to have somebody who understands beside you 🙂

  • Cute. I have to say that I would like to meet a spoonie to date. It is hard for me to look at dating web sites and see a guy I might like to date, but then I think about all the activities that go with dating and I don’t know if I would be able to keep up. If I was dating a spoonie, he would understand.

  • Laury

    My favorite is #7. I got married less than 6 months before we knew I was ill. The day I found out I went home and offered him a divorce. I felt he shouldn’t have to deal with someone with rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia who is allergic to aspirin. He would not divorce me because he believed, and still does, that marriage is working it out.

  • natty

    I am single because healthy men aren’t interested in any of this.
    Here’s hoping that I can find myself a spoonie man who is as caring and understanding as this suggests!!

  • LOVEEEEEEEEE THISSSSSSS!!!! Single with lupus but not giving up hope for that special someone in my future!

  • Our hospital food is AMAZING. We get a menu to order from. My boyfriend’s favorite meal is the rotisserie chicken with garlic toast with a pudding parfait for dessert.

    My favorite meal, er, dessert, is the cheesecake.

  • Nann

    how can ANYONE have a favorite hospital meal?!??!??!?!? (well, one hospital 60 miles from us has a better dietary program, but the local one – UGH!)

  • hahaha

    Too cute!

  • mer

    There is an understanding of the differences between couple time, healing time, and personal time