Tips For Writing out Christmas Cards Easily


This is the time of year to give and receive Christmas cards! I love opening my mailbox and finding Christmas cards, it’s so much fun. However, when you have a chronic illness, the task of Christmas card writing can be a little hard and tiring. These are just a few tips to help with keeping Christmas card writing easy and fun.

Tip #1
Make a list of all those you need to mail out Christmas cards to and keep this list in a small journal. I make up my list and keep it every year, then if I have to, throughout the year, I can add names easily. Keeping your contacts in a book form like this keeps it neat. The most stressful thing is running around trying to get everyone’s correct address. Having people listed alphabetically makes for easy finding and you can always white out addresses if people move.
This keeps things organized all year and it’s great for when you want to send a card throughout the year. You can even use an address book if you like.


To keep costs low, buy your stamps within a few months time, so you’re not spending fifty dollars on stamps all at once. Figure out how many cards you need to send and how many will be international stamps, then buy a few at a time.
Also try to buy your Christmas cards for the next year right after Christmas to get a good deal, or don’t be afraid to shop for them at discount or dollars stores. Sometimes you can find really nice packages of thirty or fifty inexpensively. Always buy Christmas cards in packages of twenty or more, instead of individual. The only time I would use individual is if you have only a few people on your list.
Tip #3
If you have arthritis or find it hard to hand write Christmas cards what I have done this year is type out people’s name and address on the computer and then print the envelopes, this is great then you can save them and have
access to them every year. You can even order already printed stickers with your name and address on them, to keep you from having to write your return address over and over, you can get those at any office supply store.
Also what I have done is write a generic message on the computer, for example:
Hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
With much love,
You can personalize it more for those that you want to, but this way I just print however many I need, cut them out as a square and glue them inside the card! It’s neat and saves me from writing out every card. You can even find a font that looks like handwriting. If you are not as handy with the computer, you can even hand write out a note and then make copies. Figure out what works for you.
Don’t lick envelopes. Most office supply stores offer envelope sealers, but even just some water in a cup and a small paint brush will do it or you can use your finger. This saves us our precious saliva! It keeps me from getting
nauseous from the taste of the envelopes. I hope one day they invent chocolate envelop sealer!
I’m not sure if they still sell stamps you have to lick but I know I always buy the sticker ones, they are easier. Also enlist some help if you can. Have someone glue the messages, someone stuff the envelopes, then stick the return
address, and stamp it. This way you don’t have to do all the work.
If you just can’t do physical Christmas cards this year, do not be afraid to send out virtual ones. There are some wonderful sites out there for sending free e-cards. They are quick and easy and can be sent to multiple people,
or have fun and pick out different ones for everyone. Either way this is easy and fast and you can copy and paste your message on each card or just send the same one to multiple addresses. This is also great because all you
need are people’s email addresses and there is no fumbling to get zip codes or print envelopes.
Hope these tips help you with your Christmas card writing this year! Merry Christmas and happy card writing!
written by Stefanie Leale ©
Sites for free ecards

  • Emma Cay

    Thanks for sharing. I love sending out Christmas cards and cards in general, but with the price of stamps going up its becoming harder to keep in touch that way. I really enjoy thinking of you ecards. Its just the right simple small note to stay in touch now and then.

  • heather morgan

    I use a glue stick to seal the envelopes. I think that’s the easiest way to go.
    Or get a small child, if you have one, to lick the envelopes. Some of them think this is fun… Mine always did!

  • Sheri

    Another lovely e-card site is:
    I’ve used their cards for years, and just love them!

  • Antje

    My neighbor brought me a huge bag full of unused Christmas Cards and other greeting cards from her Senior Citizen Center.
    I’ve beern making my own SPECIAL cards for a couple of years now in the stillness of the night, when pain robs me of sleep.
    For example… there is a Pedigree Ad in magazines that shows a dog smiling with actual teeth in his mouth. I cut that picture out and glue it on greeting card paper and write something like:
    “Thinking of you makes me smile”…. These cards are well received. I add the same special individualized messages when I recycle Christmas Cards. These cards dont need a long written message, the pictures themselves convey the sentiment.
    Doing this brings great joy to the recipient and to me also.

  • Aimie

    The best way. It is personal I do picture greeting cards from walgreens or this year Sam’s club. It was 50 cards and envelopes for 14.50. I choose the pictures I want and usually it is all dog but this year we included my parents and I. We type real nice message and sign our names It is done. So all is left is write out the envelopes and mail. It so quick and easy. Both my parents and I get phone calls and emails that they love the card because of the pictures.

  • One of my favorite tips is to buy your holiday cards at the post-holiday sales for the next year. I almost always get 25-75% off the price by doing this AND I have them extra early. This lets me get started on addressing/stamping months in advance, if I want to.

  • Carol

    I live in England and have so many friends and family in the US I almost had to take out a second mortgage last year to mail all the cards. This year I announced that people will be getting ecards.
    I joined bluemountain and they have lovely cards which I can send for free.