Important Product Recall: Tylenol 8 hour caplets


Product Recall:
On October 19, 2010 McNeil Consumer Healthcare, the company behind Tylenol, has issued a voluntary recall of 128,000 bottles of Tylenol 8-Hour caplets after receiving a small amount of complaints of a musty odor smelled upon opening bottles. Tylenol has narrowed such smell to the wood pallets used to store the product on at the manufacturing facility; McNeil has confirmed through a initial product investigation the product was indeed okay, yet the foul odor has prompted the recall. Such chemical odor from the wooden pallets is known as 2,4,6-tribromoanisole. No customers have been sickened from the product as of the current date but McNeil advises consumers to stop using the products included in today’s recall.

Tylenol Recall Details:
UPC Code 3 0045-0297-51 8
Lot Number: BCM155
Product Name: Tylenol 8 Hour Caplet (50 count)

If you have the above product in your home, McNeil advises an immediate stop of its use; McNeil Consumer Healthcare advises product consumers to call 1-888-222-6036 Monday-Friday 8-8pm (EST) and Saturday-Sunday 9am to 5pm (EST). By calling this number you will receive a refund or Tylenol product coupon of an equal amount. In the meantime for those who rely on this product you have been advised to take a similar product such as Wal-Mart’s Equate version or any version compared to Tylenol.