Product Review: Black and Decker SmartDriver Compact Screwdriver


I’m an interior decorator at heart – I love to design and decorate a room. My husband is a huge help – I make the plans, he executes – to a certain extent. Usually, I’m the one that puts the holes in the walls. That entails one of two things: “Hon? Where is your drill? Why? Because I need to put holes in the wall!” Then he reluctantly hands his precious drill over to me and asks me if I know how to use it, what drill bit to use and how to use it for screws…

The second process is “Hon, put this hole in the wall for me?”
The poor man has better things to do. Plus, who wants to ask each time I want to put holes in the wall!
So, last Christmas, I asked for this: Black and Decker SmartDriver Compact Screwdriver. It’s literally small enough to fit in a small hand, light weight, comes with its own drill bits and screwdriver bits and a charging base.
It’s the perfect Spoonie drill!
I had the opportunity to put it into real use the last month or so – we redecorated our office. Once things were all said and done – It was time to put holes in the wall! OK, hanging the pictures was easy. But I had a plan to display – what else – my spoons. That involved screwing small pegs onto the wall. I grabbed my Compact Screwdriver, grabbed the right screw, put it in place and drilled! Done! It works so well!
Like I said – the drill is small – it literally fits in my hand. Since it’s charged, I don’t have to worry about a cord and the battery charge lasts a long time. It comes with a bunch of bits, including Phillips and flathead screwdriver bits, to do what’s needed around the house. The drill has a tiny lever that lets it go forward and reverse, so you can remove a screw if you need to.

I highly recommend this drill for the Spoonie at home with a mission in mind! It’s around the $40 price range but it’s worth it!
Article written by Linda Kasserman © 2008