Getting Ready For Spring: Easy Indoor Gardening Project!


This has been a hard winter for many of us “spoonies”. Looking out at the gray dreary landscape, we have to use our imagination to see that Spring is just around the corner, even though it seems like an elusive dream right now! One way to relieve the lust for Spring and warm days is to bring fragrance and color into your home.

Materials Required:
One clay, glass or plastic flat dish, about 4″ deep with holes for drainage
(OR on-the-cheap, use a disposable pie pan or similar object with holes poked in the bottom)
Assorted spring bulbs – Daffodil, Crocus, Tulips
1 small bag starter potting soil mix
Fill the container with the potting mix. Plant the bulbs with enough soil to cover them. Always plant your bulbs with the pointed side facing up. Water the planted container, place in a sunny warm location near a window. Before you know it, you’ll have green stems poking up! Continue to water, keeping soil just moist, not wet. You will be rewarded with early Spring blooms indoors!
Once the blooms have died down it will be time to plant the bulbs outdoors in the real garden. When you do that, plant them about 4-6″ deep depending on your growing zone (the lower the number, the colder your winters and the deeper your bulbs should be).
Happy Gardening!
Article subimitted by Sheila Talley from, © 2009