You Can Dejunk, Create A Conversation Piece AND Create Virtually Free Gifts!


Recently we had our living room painted. When I went to rehang all the framed pictures, I just didn’t have the heart to junk up the walls with them (there were a LOT!) An idea struck me, and off I went to my favorite local craft store’s clearance aisle. There I found a 12 X 12 inch scrapbook album, on clearance for about five bucks. SNAG!

I removed all the pictures from the frames and tucked them into the top-loading pages of the scrapbook (i haven’t had time to officially “scrap” them nicely yet). I ended up with about 15 pages filled with photos. I placed the album on my coffee table temporarily.
I was so surprised to find that every time someone visited, they immediately opened the scrapbook and started paging through it! It turned into quite the conversation piece… and dejunked my walls of a bunch of mismatched photo frames!
I don’t want to garage sale the frames, nor store them. It occurred to me that I could print out special photos on photo paper, put them in the frames cleaned to immaculate state, and give them to friends and family as “just because” gifts.
The best thing of all – with all the free space created by removing the frames, I can hang up lots of my artwork I hadn’t had room for previously!
Article submitted by: Sheila Talley,, © 2006

  • I LOVE this idea! I have wanted to de-picture our walls for a years but could not bear the idea of packing our loved ones away.

    Thanks to your idea, I can now keep the photos “in view” and clear our walls as well. Wonderful! And I think that I already have a couple of empty 12×12 scrapbooks waiting to be “scrapped”

    big crafty hugs to you Sheila~