Kissing is Good For You!


Kissing helps prevent tooth decay (better than brushing your teeth?) Dr. Peter Gorden, Dental Advisor at the British Dental Association, explains. “After eating, your mouth is full of sugar solution and acidic saliva, which cause plaque build up. Kissing is nature’s own cleaning process”, he adds. “It stimulates saliva flow and brings plaque levels down to normal.” I asked my dentist and after he blushed, he agreed.

It relieves tension. A passionate kiss is a great relaxation technique, says stress consultant, Michelle Kay Mcnabb. ” When your mouth is in a kissing position, you are almost smiling and as our emotions and body language are so closely linked, it’s almost impossible to smile and feel tense at the same time,” she explains. “Also, your breathing becomes deeper and your eyes close when you kiss; that’s what you do when you relax. It’s a perfect way to shut out the world.”

It helps you lose weight.– just how long can you do that? You need use 3000 calories to lose one pound, i.e., 30,000 minutes, 500 hours… “A long kiss makes the metabolism burn up sugar faster than usual,” says Claire Potter. “The calories burned depend on the intensity, but you can rely on 10 calories for every 10 minutes.”

It slows the aging process. (That’s important! ) “Kissing helps to tone your cheek and jaw muscles, so they’re less likely to sag,” says Cosmo’s Fitness Consultant, Claire Potter.

It increases fitness levels. (Okay, now there is really no reason why you can’t start some exercise now). “Your heart is pumping, your pulse is racing…”If kissing is exciting, you release adrenaline into the bloodstream and your heart pumps more blood around your body,” says Dr. Susan Hotchkies. “It’s a great cardiovascular workout.”

It’s a good indication of what’s to come. (Make sure he or she is not married, please). Kissing a new guy or gal gives you the perfect opportunity to check out his or her pheromones – the chemical messengers that signal sexual attraction. ” The first kiss is always a good way to work out if there’s any chemistry between you, “says Paul Brown, a sexual and marital therapist. ” In humans, it’s thought that smells plays a vital part in subconscious attraction, and if your pheromones aren’t ‘in tune’, you’re unlikely to hit off!

It boosts self-esteem. There’s nothing better than a passionate kiss for a major dose of feel good factor. “In theory, when you’re kissing, you’re happy. And when you’re happy, you feel good about yourself,” says psychotherapist Paul Zeal.

Kiss someone special today!

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  • Lady Ehlers-Danlos

    Just a point…pheromones in humans have not actually been proven to exist. Our sense of smell is remarkably poor compared to that of animals that rely on pheromones (a dog has over 300 million olfactory cells, compared to our measly 6 million), and most adult humans do not have a vomeronasal organ (there may be one in fetal development, but it basically shrivels up and dies after birth). A researcher named Richard Doty has done some interesting work debunking this idea: see

    Also, if people can’t fall in love or become attracted to each other without pheromones, then how do you explain people like Elizabeth Barrett and Robert Browning, who first fell in love by writing letters to each other without ever having met in person? Just a thought.

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