Pay it Forward! Friends and Caregivers Raising Money for Medical Musts, Bills, Surgery, Medication etc. Now you can help!



Know someone with sky-high healthcare bills? You might. Three million households spend 18% of their incomeson out-of-pocket medical expenses.It’s an awful burden, on top of a crisis or chronic illness. Now you can help with GiveForward.How it works
GiveForward is like Kickstarter for medical bills. If you have a friend or relative undergoing expensive treatment, create a web page to tell their story (pro tip: add photos or videos). Include a goal amount—it might be $500, it might be $50,000.Then publicize! Twitter, Facebook, email—the bigger your social network, the better.

Gettin’ paid
People can donate using credit, debit, or PayPal. At the end of the fundraiser, even if you haven’t reached your goal, your loved one gets the money via check or PayPal.

GiveForward’s fee is 7%—so for every $1,000 you raise, subtract $70. (Could you do it yourself, free? Maybe, but GiveForward handles all the tech and administrative work.)

Open your heart.Have you tried to help someone burdened by medical bills? So many chronically ill people will silently try to handle the overwhelming burden. The financial stress often times triggers disease to get worse making a vicious cycle.  It is very hard to ask for help, now is your chance to give help easily, safely, and quickly. Pay it forward to someone you love today. Don’t get me wrong, soup and flowers are good, but when the bills stack up and the bill collectors call financial help can bring a much needed breath of relief.

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  • Definitely, something to look into. Thanks for sharing this information.

  • Mary Schmalshof Calcagno

    For those with prescription costs that they cannot afford, I recently found a non-profit pharmacy. They do have income guidelines, but it is definitely worth a check.. It is Good luck!

  • Mary & Jeremy

    We also are in need of help my husband destroyed his ankle and heel we waited until my insurance kicked in at my job and I work at a convenient store which bearly pays rent and now they take $300 per month out for this worthless insurance that’s only going to pay for $200 that’s it. Well my husband finally got a doctor to do his surgery on 2-19-16 which put us in alot of debt, they removed alot of dead and dying bone and fused it with plates and removed some bone from my heel and placed wires and stuff in there. He was and still in unbearable pain, we were just getting back on our feet from where he had kidney failure a few years back, they told him then that he would not live through that, but he pulled through it, and after some long rehabilitation he was back up and going. Now this happened and we have went through everything we through everything we have, my job does not pay much even as a assistant manager, then on top of the low pay they take out $300 a month for this worthless insurance that does not pay anything but $200, that’s it. We are not looking for a handout at all we are looking for a hand up, he is only 35 and not ready to give up, not even close he still has his goal of getting back to welding and one day having his own welder and truck to do mobile welding and repair company. He can’t stand being laid up and not being able to do anything, they are telling us it my take another surgery or two to get it fixed, and it’s been a month sencevthe first one and he is still in bad pain, he can not put any weight on it at all, he is even ready for them to amputate it and fitted for a fake limb, just so he can get back to work. But like I said we have used everything we have, the insurance does not cover prescriptions, we can barely pay rent out of my check seeing how they take $300 a month for worthless insurance, the only help he can get is $45 a month in food stamps and that will not feed one person for a month, but we can’t hardly pay, let alone prescriptions, gas to get to the ortho doctor twice a month which is two hours each way,gas for work, hygene products,just everyday things you need to live, my check barely pays the rent and that about it. All we have is each other we don’t have anyone else to turn to. So if anyone can help us in any way we would be greatful, like I said we don’t want a hand out but a hand up, we just want to get through this so he can get back to work so again if anyone can help we would be greatful so greatful. Please feel free to contact us anytime at 785-405-0131, Thank you

  • Cristyalexx

    I am sick and needed money for surgery Do not have an ear

  • Danette Myers

    Hello. I have been suffering with all the symptoms of multiple sclerosis for the past 2years. I haven’t been properly diagnosed with the multiple sclerosis because I am unable to have an MRI done due to a scoliosis surgery, which I had many years ago, that left me with two metal rods connected to my spine. In order for doctors to be able to test me for MS and properly diagnose my condition, I need to have surgery to have the metal rods removed. Unfortunately, I don’t have the money to pay for such a surgery. Any suggestions? Please help.

  • Churchlady

    What about a grandma with a grandson who had to have a liver transplant, then he developed PTLD (posst transplant llymphma disease) and needs infusions to fight that. Grandma takes care of the guy and transports him to his various medical appointments, while mom works and goes to school. Our financial problem is not medical expense instead it is simply keeping our head above water until mom can finish her schooling and qualify for a better paying job. At this time gramma needs a dependable car which she cannot afford because she lives on social security only. Not a new car, just a dependable one. What can I tell her to do?

    Grandma’s friend

  • Jennifer

    What about the many people who don’t have large social networks or use Facebook, Twitter, etc., what do they do? I have several friends who were the toast of the town so to speak until they got sick. Then all of their friends disappeared. Any one has used short-term disability, couldn’t live on long-term, and will have no income as of August. What can they do to raise money? Currently, at least 50% of her income goes to healthcare. Soon, she’ll have no income. She’s suicidal at this point. I’m scared for her.

  • Good to know about this. At least 25 percent of my household’s total income goes to health care every year, and that is during years where I don’t have any medical emergencies. Those cost more.

  • Carol

    While it’s true that we here in Canada don’t have to worry about going to the doctor when we’re sick, our universal health insurance does not cover the cost of any prescription(s) we might need. I speak from personal experience, it can be very costly if you have a chronic condition and can’t get great supplemental insurance.

  • Sandy

    I completely love this idea! Even for those in Canada! Sorry westomon but Canada yes does have a health care system, but with many cracks and holes in it albeit I do feel for all of you in US where you do need to pay out for everything out of pocket.

    I’m a Canadian living with Crohn’s Disease. Some medications and such are not fully covered, and some types of medical expenses are not either.

    Let me tell you I was on remicade treatments and due to the many “criteria” I was paying alot of money out of pocket for the remainder they deemed I could afford to pay according to their “magic” checklist.
    Well their “magic checklist” would leave me in forever debt, without any light and any possibility to achieve any bright future of going back to school, getting a home of my own, etc. as my debt would be too great. If it wasn’t for family and friends to help support me thru this I don’t know where I’d be.

    Seems great the fact that Canadians have ‘full coverage’ but that is deceptive in itself. When foreigners come in they receive more privileges then actual Canadians do!

    Yes, as Canadians we are fortunate to have majority paid … but our premiums and health care system isn’t all its cracked up to be either.

    Many of our elders are living on pensions and unable to afford their medical expenses, recently a man suffering from several disorders stricken to a wheel chair was unable to have a much needed upgraded wheel chair. The community graciously did exactly what this post is recommending by creating a site to contribute money to help support those who cannot afford it.

    Immigrants into Canada receive better privileges and benefits then people who have been paying into the health care system all their lives and receive “ZERO” benefits when they require them.

    Our coverage may be there, but its not all that it APPEARS to be!

    Hope this helps to understand, the world is in trouble with the health care system, and we must all stick together to help support each other regardless of where we live in the world. Not all appears the way it is!

    God bless

  • Definitely, something to look into. Thanks for sharing this information. 🙂

  • westomoon

    This is a bandaid, albeit a necessary one. Our neighbors in Canada don’t have to dread illness because the whole country is constantly “giving forward”, via the Canadian healthcare system. All of us who live with illness should be working our tails off for passage of universal single-payer health insurance.

  • Nicole

    Guess you’ve been fortunate enough to not have a (or several) chronic illnesses & neither have your family & friends. I pray you never have to live with what I do. Not only do I have a host of illnesses that started in my teens, I also have to deal with all the medical bills for my parents who are both in a nursing home. If I didn’t do it, no one would & they’d be on the street. They worked hard their entire lives & the nursing home takes ALL of their monthly income minus $60/month for anything they may need. $60 per month!!

  • Awesome! Simply awesome!

  • Holly about using it for ourselves? =/