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We love being connected with our readers! Since we have added those “handy dandy” features at the bottom of every article, we have noticed our readers have shared our articles, posted them on their personal profiles and more. We can not thank you enough for sharing this site with your friends and family. Even though we hope you come to ButYouDontLookSick.com every day for our new articles and tips.. we know there are other places on the web where you guys like to hang out. Social Networking is more and more popular and we like to stay connected! We can use technology as a tool to help each other and build a community.

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I must admit, sometimes feel quite overwhelmed by social media sites. I am busy enough with my health, my family and keeping up with ButYouDontLookSick.com, but I do like the idea of being involved on a more personal level with my readers. Do you like/ dislike social networking sites? Do you blog?
Feel free to comment below.

  • I have been blogging in some form or another for the past four years – although I have just set up a new blog to blog about living with a chronic illness.
    I am a huge fan of Twitter and use it on a daily basis. Whilst I don’t “tweet” much about my illness, I do like it to keep in touch with my friends and learn more about the lives of my online friends.

  • felicia

    I hardly surf the net till slightly more than a month ago when I was diagnosed with lupus(SLE)- trying to understand, accepting and living with it. I’ve never chat/blog till today (6 May 2008). I’m drawn to this site by its name as on good days that’s how I feel when I look into the mirror and in-laws, friends and colleagues seem to think so too. What matters something is going on in this body of mine and I want to control it. My pillar of strength – my husband, daughter and sisters.

  • Caroline

    I just started a blog, simply because I think it might be a form of therapy. I’m much older than many people here, so social networks don’t interest me. I think they are for the younger set, and am leery of some of the things I have seen posted on them as well. That being said, I have been on Classmates since it started, and finally people my age are starting to join that. It’s a great way to reconnect with people you grew up with but lost contact with over the years.

  • Katie Johnson

    I’ve just started fo join different social networks since my kids have asked me to join their facebook and myspace networks. I live with chronic pain everyday and my life was just going down hill when I decided I needed to get up and get a life,so I went out and bought me the cutest little puppy and he helps keep me busy.

  • I love online social networking. I find it easier to keep up with friends and it’s free. No phone minutes have to be used. I love blogging. I’m not the best at keeping mine up. I do read my favorite blogs everyday though. By reading the blogs I feel less alone. I know I’m not the only one dealing with my diabetes and I can read that they go through exactly what I go through. It just makes things easier.

  • choppie

    I like the online social networks when I am feeling up to it. I sometimes go for a very long time without posting and when it is too long I find things have changed a lot! I do not go as regularly as I used to, but lately feel that I should since I am sure that my husband gets tired of listening, and I have not made any friends here in Sweden. I do have trouble making friends since I cannot make plans without having to cancel them more often than I would like to. Online there is not the same responsibility to “be there”

  • B-girl

    I use social networks to keep up with friends every so often. But to be honest, I’m not sure I’ll be able to deal with my whole network knowing that I have a chronic illness. I also prefer to keep work and friends/family seperately. Have learnt from experience that not everybody knows how to handle it when they know you are chronically ill.

  • I do blog because it helps me deal with life with lupus and its side dishes. I think the more we scream,then the more they may listen,hopefully.I just hope people will see exactually what it means to live with an illness that you can’t see. I can remember when I was in school we were told to not judge a book by a cover.

  • I’m a fan of social networks, to an extent. I find myself spending the most time with Twitter, Del.icio.us, Livejournal (where I blog), reading other blogs using Bloglines and Facebook. It’s something a lot of other college students do, though they tend to prefer facebook, at least on my campus. I find it’s a great way to learn and get and give support.