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So many people have asked how they can help promote/ support this site. We are so thankful for everyone’s support and encouragement. If have you found the information on this site useful, please see the information listed below of how to support this site.
Here, we have listed the top 10 easy ways you can help us out. They are easy, quick and fun! Every little bit helps! 🙂

1. Add us on MySpace.com, Facebook.com or Livejournal.com
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2. ADD A SIGNATURE FILE TO YOUR EMAILS, or AOL instant messenger etc.
To find out how to add the sig file look in the “help” section of your specific email program. A signature file looks like this:
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You can have your signature file say anything you want… this is just a suggestion.
3. Tell your friends!!! We have received so many new members and readers from refferals! we can not thank you all enough for “spreading the word” about our site! Email your friends, family, co-workers, etc. Use digg.com, stumbleUpon.com or other social networking sites to link to us!
4. Banners and Buttons. Link to Us! Use these one of these banners on your website, myspace, livejournal, aol, etc. We just added NEW easy buttons.
5. Shop using our special Amazon.com link to shop through when you are shopping. By clicking through this special link ButYouDontLookSick.com earns a small commission through the sales of the items you buy. We use this money to keep this site running.
shop on Amazon for ButYouDontLookSick.com
6. Download the Alexa Toolbar.
Through our association with Amazon.com, we are offering an exclusive But You Don’t Look Sick? version of the award winning Alexa Toolbar. With the toolbar you can search the web, using their amazing search engine, right from your toolbar. Plus, when you download and use the toolbar, you’ll help support ButYouDontLookSick.com I use this toolbar everyday- and it helps make surfing the web easier and more effective.
Click here to download this great tool:
7. Volunteer to help!
Everyone has talent, something to share. If you write, are good at promotions/ marketing, graphic design, etc… just contact us. We would love to have you on the team.
We accept volunteer writers:
8. Shop at the NEW ButYouDontLookSick.com shop:
This store has many great items that are perfect gifts for yourself or someone you love. The best get well gift store. Who needs flowers? buy a T shirt, hat, tank top, hoodie, pins, magnets and more!
9. Add our RSS feeds to your site. You can even add us to your my Yahoo page. The orange buttons are located on the top left of every page of our site. Don’t know what RSS feeds are? Click here.
10. Make a donation to our site.
You can help us grow by making a donation of any size!