Television: Keeping Kids Healthy: Lupus A Medical Mystery – Featuring Christine Miserandino


May is Lupus Awareness Month! How Will You Spread Awareness?
See Christine’s television appearance focusing on living life with lupus..
Keeping Kids Healthy (PBS and American Public Television) Nationally Syndicated
Won a 2005 New York Emmy Award EPISODE 401 – Lupus: A Medical Mystery
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What happens when you know your child is sick, but no one can tell you what’s wrong…sometimes for years? Lupus, a debilitating disease, is still a medical mystery. Join Dr. Winnie King as we attempt to unravel this mystery on a full-show episode of Keeping Kids Healthy. Without a single known cause, no simple test for diagnosis and symptoms so vague and so varied, Lupus can often elude the doctors trying to detect it. But learning about Lupus is actually the first step in detecting it. You’ll hear from a young woman, Christine Miserandino who lived with Lupus since she was 14 but wasn’t diagnosed until 22;. Hear the story of how one mother refused to give up until her daughter’s condition was diagnosed and hear a Lupus expert discuss symptoms, treatments, care and the latest news on medical advances in Lupus research.

Topics Covered:
* What is Lupus?
* Symptoms of Lupus.
* Diagnosing Lupus.
* Why is it hard to diagnose?
* What is it like to live with Lupus?
* Having Lupus even though you “don’t look sick”
* Treatment and care for those with Lupus.
* Living every day with Lupus.
* Christine Miserandino – 26 yrs old (began getting sick at 14 and diagnosed with many things for eight years. Only diagnosed with Lupus when she was 22)
* Janet Miserandino – Christine’s mother

  • This is the one thing that leaves me regretting I no longer get cable or have a television. I’m sure this is enlightening and I’d love to see Christine — it must have been very cool.