Introducing the Official “The Spoon Theory/ I am a Spoonie” Video by Christine Miserandino


A slide show movie of my life, how “the spoon theory” started, and how this HUGE internet community has been formed around the world to give support, encouragement and information by using and #spoonie to connect. This has been an incredible ride! THANK YOU!

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  • Marloes

    I love the spoon theory, read it many times. Would like to watch the video too but cannot be viewed in Europe, any change of emailing it to me?

  • Linda

    I loved this – it brought a tear to my eye and today, sitting by myself at home in pain, I do not feel alone. Thank you, Christine!

  • Diana

    Loved this video and the spoon theory it helped my daughter understand .. she read it and got some plastic spoons and worked out how many spoons she goes through in a day and gave me a big hugs and said i understand mom and sorry u go through that. thanks !!

  • Beth

    I suffer from chronic depression as well as chronic pain. There are days I just want to lay in bed but have to force myself up as I have a part-time job to extend the disability check. People think I’m so “happy go lucky” that nothing bothers me and it’s too hard to explain. I need a spoon!!!

  • Steven Barwick

    I don’t know how many men you know have auto immune diseases. I’m a 45 white guy. I’ve been Dx for 15 years with a myriad of AI diseases. I finally was given the most honest Dx: Undifferentiated Mixed Connective Tissue Disease. AKA Who the Heck Knows.

    I’ve tried to explain my disease to my family time and time again and have never had the clarity in description and emotion that you summed up in less than 500 words.

    Thank you

  • *sniff* can’t talk…crying *sniff*

  • Judy Bleecker

    Hi Christine,
    I thought I was a lonely, older type spoon. I am a 58 yr old spoonie, and the time goes fast.
    I just want to thank you for the video, I cried too, and I don’t know if it was the swelling fluid coming out of my eyes or what.( it has to come out!)
    You are wise beyond your years and you have made it possible for me to get in touch with my cousin. I am so happy you have a little spoonett? to keep you going. love and prayers, Judy

  • Sharon Thompson

    Thank you for putting this video together, I loved how it made me see that I’m just a piece of this puzzle called cronic pain and suffering. There’s a song of Chers that comes to mind, ~If I Could Turn Back Time~

  • Mary Jo Medosch

    As always, you do so much for others. Thanks for being there for all us “Spoonies”. You and everyone with an auto immune disease are in my constant prayers. My daughter suffers with Crohn’s Disease.

  • Great video! As many already commented, it made me laugh and cry. It is good to know that we Spoonies are all in this together. Being alone is worst of all. The « I am a Spoonie » pictures are awesome!!! Congrats to all!

    A special « tip of the hat » to the man who wrote ” I love a Spoonie”, and to all the others that do! You are a very special croud!!!

    Christine, please continue to write and to unite us behind you: when one is down and out of spoons, the other is up and sharing.

    Gentle fibro hugs to you and as many spoons you need today, plus one 😉

  • Lisa

    Dear Christine,

    You have given us all such a great gift — a way to communicate to those that love us (and sometimes those who don’t) what it is we face everyday. If I had a dollar for everytime my ex-husband said to me, ” but what’s WRONG with you? You don’t look sick,” I’d be a very rich woman. Now, not only can I articulate what it is that I face, but when I need to, I can just send a link to your site. What a great video, I really look forward to seeing new pictures. It is a very profound way of helping us all to realize that we aren’t alone.

    Many (gentle) hugs!

  • Dottie Balin

    Thanks Christine,
    What a wonderful video. It made me laugh and cry.
    It brings hope and inspiration to all of us ” SPOONIES “.
    You are the best !!! 🙂

  • Kathryn

    Thanks so much for sharing this!! The pic of the man who wrote “I love a Spoonire” brought tears of joy to my eyes!

    I’m a Spoonie!! I am a very lucky Spoonie as my FMS/CFS is mild and I start most days with more spoons that many FMS/CFS sufferers. But I still must hoard spoons and sometimes run out too soon.

    I am going to post this on my Facebook profile page and everywhere else I can find!!

  • curlytops


  • Jan

    Love this video. I am a Spoonie, too, although an older one. Took me a long time to admit that I was a Spoonie. The hardest part of being a Spoonie when you are older is remembering what it was like before being a Spoonie…being able to stand for more than a few seconds without tiring. Being able to walk without my cane or a scooter or motorized wheelchair. Being able to clean for more than five minutes before having to take Spoonie breaks. Now the work for me is accepting what I have rather than what I don’t have. I am getting there but I am kicking and screaming all the way, but that takes more spoons as well. So I just take it minute by minute.

  • Elspeth

    Thank you so much Christine. This is an awesome video. The pictures of the different spoonies from all around the world demonstrate to the world that there are many many of us out there. And I are a Spoonie too. 😀

  • Hayley

    Thank you so much for this beautiful video, Christine!! I have RA and I’m proud to be a spoonie! 😀

  • Rebecca

    wow…this is beautiful, and inspiring. sometimes we do feel alone in this ride, but you make us come together…God Bless you

  • Alice Devaney

    Thank you Christine.

    That is an awesome video.

    I was feeling a bit depressed after having acupuncture as it has made my back hurt. So much for helping my fibro! But I’ll continue with the treatment as it might work this time.

    Who performs the song? It goes really well with the video.

    Take care.

  • Unicorn

    Fabtastic! We are awesome : ) Thank you Christine.

  • Angie

    This brought tears to my eyes….happy tears to know I am not alone, sad tears because someone else hurts the way I do. Thanks so much for sharing your life and your story with the world of spoonies!

  • Janet

    I love this, thank you!

  • Mandie

    it made me cry… but in a good way. it gives me hope ands strength to go on another day. thank you christine for giving me a spoon to hold on to

  • Miniar

    Last night I fought of insomnia and managed to wrestle just 5 interrupted hours from it, which took a few spoons and caused my Fibromyalgia to get annoyed with me and decide to make everything extra expensive today. My head’s killing me, every part of my body feels cold and sore, my ribs hurt like there’s needles in them every time I breathe. And today I “have to” get groceries or we won’t eat this week. (Which means 40 minutes of walking in half melted snow + carrying the grocery bags to and from the bus on the way back.) Got a couple other things that need doing but I don’t think I can do more than one big thing today and even then I’m borrowing against tomorrow.

    And yet this video managed to cheer me up considerably.
    Thanks. 🙂

    Everyone, take care of yourselves. *hugs all around*

  • Bev Sohn

    What a terrific video! Well done! Thank you, Christine! You’re amazing! I share your spoon story with so many people with chronic illness. Like them, it has helped me to explain my illness to healthy people. Who performs “We are all in this together” song? It’s a great song.

  • Purple Doll

    Thank you so much for this video Christine. 🙂

  • Mona

    Great Job and thanks

  • Sacredjinx


  • Jenn

    I loved this video…not having such a great day(my liver isn’t doing so well, I’m stepping closer to transplant)…but it made me good to feel that I wasn’t alone…”that we are all in this together”