Now Available: The Spoon Theory – Poster Prints


You’ve asked how you can get an official printed copy of The Spoon Theory – we heard you load and clear! Now you can purchase small and large poster prints of “The Spoon Theory” from our Online Store! These posters will make a perfect “get well gift, or friendship/ I understand gift.” We also think it would make a perfect addition to any doctor’s office, or support group meeting room. Most importantly, get one for yourself!


The Spoon Theory Large Poster

The Spoon Theory Large Poster

The Spoon Theory Small Poster

The Spoon Theory Small Poster

The Spoon Theory, written by Christine Miserandino of has been published in several local, national, and international publications. Other “The Spoon Theory” merchandise will be available soon!

  • Theresa McDermott

    I agree with those comments. It has been years now. This is the most beautiful explanation. And ok they’ve been this same price the whole time. Come on now. You cannot buy these anywhere for a reasonable price. I thought we are trying to raise awareness for the cause. The price should be only what it costs to produce and ship. I don’t understand the profit either.
    I have since typed the entire thing myself. In not too long I won’t be able to type any more anyways. So, I am making my own poster.

  • Brenda Denney

    Why do we have to make a profit on health conditions. It is bad enough to have to pay expensive health expenses. W
    hen others make a profit on health condition I ask why?

  • Dj

    These posters are so expensive! Many spoonies are unable to work and purchasing one of these awesome posters would be out of reach. Please consider lowering the cost.

  • Julie

    I just broke down reading this, I’ve had Lupus for 33 yrs. and it never gets better, I get sicker every year.

  • Serenity

    Hi, what a wonderful story! Thank you so much for that scenario of what it’s like to deal with a chronic illness daily. I have been dealing with Fibromyalgia for a least three years now. The pain and fatigue from the illness has been so intense that I have had to take periodic medical leave of absences from work. My doctors have tried different medications with me and they all have worked for a while and then after some time of being on them my symptoms become extreme again and we are back to the drawing board with test and all. One medication we tried had me so ill I could not even get out of the bed. After a week of use I discontinued that one. We finally found a medication that seemed to lower my pain levels and make my days manageable. There are other issues that comes along with this illness and I’m also taking meds for those too. I am a mother and grandmother who has always been very active. To have a illness come along and dictate my daily activities has been very frustrating for me. There has been days that were very good for me and I almost forget that I have this illness. But then there are days when my illness say hey! I’m here and still very much a part of your life. Within the last year one of my doctors has been concerned about a particular marker that came up in one of my test results. When went back and forth with rule out test only to have to repeat them again. Along with the muscle pains that I had been experiencing from the fibromyalgia I have begun to have extreme joint pain in several of my joints. I do physical therapy and it helps some but the pain always returns. Finally thanks to my primary doctor and my neurologist I recently begun to see a new Rheumatologist (the other one could not come up with any clear answers). Well the new doctor did further extended test and finally we have a answer. According to these result she has determined that I have UCTD (Undifferentiated Connective Tissue Disease). She took the time to explain to me what this illness is and how I met the criteria. It turns out I have markers for Lupus and RA but not enough markers to diagnose me with either illness. In hearing that I was briefly confused. But she explain I have inflammation from one and symptoms from another that also makes me ill along with the fibromyalgia. Now for those of you who read this, this may still seem confusing. But for me it brings a little more understanding as to why I’m sick more often. From this experience I have learned persistence, and I am now trying to work on acceptance. I don’t get as angry and the more I research the illness (now illnesses) I get a little better with understanding why my body may go through certain changes. I used to feel isolated and thought that this was something that no one else had (I had only heard about fibro on the commercial) LOl. The more I go online and read peoples stories like yours the less alone I feel. And yes it is hard to explain to others what’s going on with me but I realize that if the people in my life who really matter knows more about my illness it makes it a little more easier for me on those day when I just can’t do it or show up. I’m learning now to be pro-active and have begun to research what may help to ease my pain. I hear Yoga is good spiritually and physically. I used to tell people no matter what, as long as you wake up you always have a chance. I think it’s time for me to apply that to myself. Even if I wake up and have to just be still. At least I wake up. Thank you again best wishes to you!

  • Tanya

    Omggg I just read the spoon theory and I cried. I don’t know if that’s what it was suppose to do but it did. Because theses are the things that I go through on a daily basis. I let my mom read it and she also cried and told me that she was so proud of me and how much she loves me. Thank you so much for this. I will be sharing this with my whole family.

  • I am sure I have sent a reply here before…but who knows!! ;O)

    I have just emailed to ask for spoonie ‘things’ Now I know and will look forward to seeing them.

    Thank you so much for this wonderful site.


  • Note for Sylvia

    I love the spoon theory too. We like to think the grass is greener on the other side of the fence but in reality it’s not. I have sarcoidosis too and find that patient support groups and programs are lacking in the USA. Yes, we have organizations for each illness but everyone is segregated off into their own illness. Hardly none focus on finding the reason why so many are sick. Very few places like this one offer help to all types of “chronics.”

  • Sylvia

    awesome….love the spoon theory..i am a pulmonary sarcoidosis patient in australia and let me tell you something…Australia is way BEHIND the rest of the civilised world when it comes to PATIENT SUPPORT GROUPS such as this one…we simply dont have them…there are all these government funded hospital programs but they ARE USELESS..we all get chucked intogether with no differentation on any ONE persons specific NEED or disability….In the USA and UK…there are systems in place for disabled people…resources they can access….I have NO SUPPORT down under…I AM NON EXISTENT except as TEXT BOOK CHAPTER for these damned doctors…

    THE SPOON THEORY is doing the rounds with ME as I intend to leave it wherever I can for others to READ…I always say when I run out of spoons I am heading for the knife…lol…

    I have no control of my body no more,,pain dictates my life…grrrrrrrrr…

    How do I go about getting a POSTER of this…do i use PAYPAL to order rates for the aussie dollar etc…?


    Penrith ,Sydney,NSW AUSTRALIA

  • Jodee Salerno

    Thank you!!! I love the spoon theory and have passed it along to so many. But even more, I have always told my mother, if I were to ever write a book, it would be titled, BUT YOU DON’T LOOK SICK!.

    I am a 39 yr. mother of 2 boys, a college graduate, and used to be a successful member of the corporate world. At 29 I was stricken ill by an unknown illness. It presented as Lupus, RA, and MS, was tested for lymphoma, – ah could go on and on actually for a decade – many Docs. told me it was “all in my head”. Finally in June of 09 they found the problem was in my head, it was my brain. My illness is Chiari Malformation.

    The illness, to me, is neither here nor there, but that it is chronic, painful, and it comes like a thief in the night. The bottom line is that when illness like yours or mine hits a healthy individual, you learn very quickly the survival skill of “the spoon theory”. If you don’t, the illness wins. Thanks so much for simplifying what quite frankly I haven’t had the ingenious to do!!! And, may your days be filled with spoons!!!