Reese Witherspoon announced that she is launching an effort to end violence against women.


Wear the necklace that could change the world.
Want to help a great cause? It is easy, buy a necklace or bracelet for yourself or for a friend!
Hollywood actress Reese Witherspoon is spearheading a new campaign to end violence against women.


“The Walk The Line” movie star, a global ambassador for cosmetics brand Avon and an honorary chairperson of the Avon Foundation for Women, is encouraging people to support the drive by purchasing the Avon Women’s Empowerment Necklace and Bracelet, priced at just $5 and $3 respectively.

The Women’s Empowerment Bracelet is only $3.00! Proceeds will be used to create a new Avon Empowerment Fund. The first $500,000 from bracelet sales will be matched by the Avon Foundation for a total donation of $1 million to UNIFEM, the United Nations Development Fund for Women, for projects that will empower women around the world.

Also available is the Empowerment Necklace, a silvertone infinity symbol with a 17″ chain for only five dollars. 100% of the net proceeds ($2.25) are donated to the Avon Empowerment Fund to end violence against women. Those who purchase the necklace in the U.S. will receive a free Domestic Violence Resource Guide to increase awareness of violence against women and encourage everyone to speak out.

“Nearly a billion women worldwide are affected by violence,” explained Witherspoon, Avon global ambassador and honorary chairperson of the Avon Foundation for Women. “The Empowerment Necklace is an easy way for all women to take action and demonstrate solidarity to reduce the worldwide epidemic of violence against women.”

2008 sales of the Empowerment Bracelet raised over $1 million for the UN Trust Fund to End Violence Against Women and generated more than $2.5 million in additional funds for local programs in the US and globally to help victims and their families.

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  • Vikki

    I suffered 2 relationships with abuse. One was mental and the other one was physical. He said to me once ‘I’m glad your in a wheelchair’ my reply ‘So glad, as your the one who put me in it’. He never said another word after that. I’ve been on my own since 99 and I will never have another relationship. I buy all the Domestic Violence jewelry from Avon. I have the entire collection, dating back about 3/4yrs now. I suffer from Fibro and not sure how much of the condition was triggered by the abuse

  • I am an Avon Rep and Avon has given more money then any other corporation next to Bill Gates and Microsoft to different causes. Breast Cancer and Domestic Violence are on top, but we help in crisis situations like Haite, Joplin,MO, right down to fundraising for local charities and groups to an individual who needs financial help due to illnesses or tradgies. I am proud to be a rep and administrative assistant for a district with such a great company that gives back so much.

  • susan drais

    Wonderful to hear – things are being done to end the violence! Most of my conditions are a result of an abusive relationship – of 7 years. He’s a sociopath, so he got away with it. I’m a victim, so I continue to suffer.

  • Terri

    I believe this is a wonderful idea from both Ms.Witherspoon and Avon! I was one of the unfortunate women who was a victim of domestic abuse during my first marriage. Thank God I got out before I was killed. I will be purchasing one of the bracelets for sure. Keep up the great work on this issue!