In the News: CVS has now made it even easier to Donate to Charity


The Easter Seals donation card, available now at all 6,300 CVS/pharmacy stores in 44 states, is the first and only donation card available in retail stores. The Easter Seals card has been out on the market for about six weeks now, and is stocked alongside gift cards for places such as The Home Depot, iTunes, and Barnes & Noble. The card provides a very convenient way to give to charity – whether directly or on behalf of someone else via a gift in their name – and 100% of the proceeds goes straight to Easter Seals. Donation cards come in $5 and $25 amounts – and are great for slipping into get well cards. (They say that charity helps the giver to feel better, so here’s a way to help the get-well-gift recipient feel better, while also helping children with disabilities to get better too!) Through the sale of these cards, CVS further demonstrates the company’s long-standing commitment to its partnership with Easter Seals and the support of children with disabilities.
Customers can also register their donation card at and input the name of the person who is being honored by the donation. An email message is then generated and sent to that person saying a donation has been made to Easter Seals in his/her name.

cvs donation.bmp
Consumer (“donor”) purchases donation card in $5 or $25 denominations at CVS stores nationwide (cards are featured in the gift card racks at all stores and processed through registers at CVS stores for immediate donation to cause).
Plastic donation card is “perforated” to accommodate “donor” ability to give one half of the donation card to the person for whom the donation was made – if indeed that is intent of donation card. This half of the card features a message and information on donation made which can be included in note, letter or gift card the “donor” may want to give to recipient.
The other half of the gift card encourages “donor” to go to Charity Card Mall Web site ( to register their card for tax acknowledgement of donation by Charity Card Mall and the opportunity to request a tax receipt from Easter Seals (an opt-in that the consumer elects to activate). Easter Seals will then provide the consumer with an official tax receipt.
Additionally, on the site the “donor” can elect to identify the person for whom the donation card was purchased – and by providing that person’s email address to Charity Card Mall, an email can then be sent to that individual alerting them to the fact that the donation was made in their honor by the “donor” (thanking them for support of Easter Seals through the program).
Donating to charity can’t get any easier! Find your local CVS today!
-Christine Miserandino, 2008