Ding dong, Avon Calling…


As the original direct sales company, Avon has a reputation for door-to-door sales. The iconic image of the Avon Lady ringing doorbells has been part of the American experience for generations. Some Avon representatives still canvas the neighborhood on foot, but many sell in their workplace, through home parties and even online. The extraordinary flexibility and support that are the hallmark of your own Avon business make it a particularly appealing opportunity for anyone who is home-bound, or requires the flexibility of non-traditional employment due to chronic illness, or disability.

Since 1886, Avon has given (mostly) women a path to financial independence. In more than 100 countries, Avon is one of the only businesses that someone with no education, training or experience can start — for just $10. It’s truly remarkable — as are the success stories of countless Representatives who have built businesses small and large that have changed their lives. If you’re looking for work that flexes to fit your life, offering unlimited earnings potential without a fixed schedule, and the ability to work from home even if you can’t always leave home, Avon may be the answer for you. When you think about it, Avon is the original social networking business. Every representative, no matter how they build their business, starts with his or her family and friends as customers. Avon’s “e-Representative” opportunity takes this concept to the new social network of the internet,. Now you can build an Avon business through virtual contacts and an online store – selling to your friends and family all over the country through a personalized website that Avon provides and updates for you, and direct shipping to your customers from Avon’s central warehouse. An extensive online training program, and web-based customer/business management tools mean that you can build and run your business 24/7 from home.
Equally impressive is the company’s commitment as expressed by its founder “to meet fully the obligations of corporate citizenship by contributing to the well-being of society and the environment in which it functions.” Most companies discovered corporate responsibility in the ‘80s or ‘90s, but not the 1890s! Avon is the largest corporate supporter of the breast cancer cause, with over $500 million given to date. The Avon Foundation and Avon Representatives are also active in raising money and awareness for domestic violence, disaster relief and women’s empowerment around the glove. It feels great to partner with a company with such a rich history and respect for the people responsible for its success.
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Article co written by Christine Donato and Billy Kober of Billyknowsbest.com