Blankets, Pillows, and Bedding, Oh My!


sleep“Good Night, Sleep Right” with Product Reviews: Bedding Edition

Don’t you just love a cozy blanket? No wonder why so many babies and kid’s love their “blankies”. As adults I think we could all use to have something warm, and soft to cuddle with at night. A blanket can be very soothing and can really help you sleep and nap better. One sleep necessity that tops the list along with a great blanket is a quality, comfortable, or even therapeutic pillow.    
We’ve tried out a few of each, and put together this list of our favorites – all designed to help you get the most out of your invaluable sleep and nap time.

WÜL(TM) Comforters
Many people are allergic to down comforters, but love the plush, fluffiness. WÜLTM has the solution! WÜLTM comforters are created by starting with 100% natural wool fibers that are treated with the innovative WÜL Fresh™ process, creating a high loft fill that adds comfort for a better night sleep. New WÜL-filled comforters are fully machine-washable, always maintaining their original shapes. WÜL comforters can be used in varying climates as WÜL adjusts to the body’s natural temperature – keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer. I recommend getting a duvet cover, since the crisp white blanket will get dirty and dull looking fast. These blankets are also a great alternative to feather comforters for those who are allergic. WÜL comforters are available in crib, twin, full/queen and king-bed sizes, ranging in price from $150 (approximate retail for twin) to $325 (approximate retail for king).
Brookstone: Sona Pillow for Snoring and Mild Sleep Apnea
Does your partner complain of your snoring throughout the night? Do you find it difficult to fall asleep next to someone who snores? If either of these applies, why not try out the Sona anti-snoring pillow from Brookstone. The premise is simple – the Sona Pillow is shaped to position your jaw and neck to help keep your airway open and reduce snoring for a better night’s sleep. The first night with the pillow took some getting used to, because I tend to toss and turn a bit, which the pillow helps prevent. Night two was more comfortable and more importantly, my better half is sleeping better now that I snore less. The pillow is available for $129.00 at Brookstone, uses a hypo-allergenic fill, and comes with a pillowcase.
Brookstone: nap™ Blankets
Sometimes a good night’s sleep is just not enough- – or an active morning (or rainy day) calls for an afternoon nap. If you are like me, attempting a nap in the bedroom is dangerous, and often leads to sleeping the day away. Enter the nap™ blanket from Brookstone. This blanket is soft and comfortable, and is great for those couch potato days, or a quick nap to recharge your batteries. It is lightweight, and is offered in varying sizes so you can pick one (or more) up for your everyday bedding, or a smaller size to keep near your favorite chair or couch.
Hastens Pillows and Bedding
Hästens, is a privately owned family company which was founded in 1852 and is Sweden’s oldest manufacturer of beds. They make all their beds by hand. If they have been in business that long, they must be doing something right! Hastens beds are Swan Certified — in fact they were the first bed to ever be awarded this prestigious honor — meaning they passed a series of rigorous tests designed to identify products that have the least impact on the environment. They also qualified for an Oeko-Tex 100 label, a hallmark determined by twelve independant textile research institutes throughout Europe. I had the opportunity to try out one of Hastens pillows. (Thank you to the NYC SoHo Store!) Hastens has a special Anatomical Sleeping Pillow that includes a pressure relieving cylinder to help position your neck and head for optimal comfort. The signature blue and white check can go with most décor, or you can easily get a neutral pillow cover. Please note that Hastens is known to be more expensive the your typical bedding stores, but many feel the difference in sleep from there mattresses and pillows are well worth it. You can find out more information about this quality product online.
Carpenter’s Iso•Cool™ Pillow
Iso•Cool™ pillows and mattress toppers feature Outlast® Adaptive Comfort® material that adjusts to the body’s changing temperature. The microscopic Phase Change Material (PCM) beads sense whether the body’s mean temperature is too warm or too cool. If the body’s temperature is too warm, the product absorbs heat and feels cool in order to regulate body temperature. If the body’s temperature is too cool, the product releases heat and feels warm in order to regulate the body temperature. Carpenter Co.’s Iso•Cool products feature the highest available concentration of PCMs, making them extremely effective. Iso•Cool pillows are available in two luxurious and supportive fills: spiral-spun polyester and visco-elastic foam. You can mattress toppers with the same technology. Pillow price ranges from $21.99- $49.99 and can be found online or at a retailer near you like Bon-Ton or JCPenney.
Hollander Home Fashions Asthma Friendly Pillows
When shopping, look for the little cartoon blue and orange logo that says “Asthma friendly”. The (AAFA) Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America recently gave Hollander the asthma friendly certification mark. Unlike other brands of pillows that use hypoallergenic as a common marketing term, Hollander passed 12 weeks of significant scientific testing. This pillow stands as an effective allergen barrier and its breathable fabric withstands repeated washings at high temperatures. The high 300-thread count 100% cotton cover and very small pore size act as the barrier to allergens like dust mites. Polyester fiber fill. Standard size only. These pillows retail for $29.99, but I have seen them on sale at US retailers like Bed, Bath and Beyond, Bon-Ton, Sears or JCPenney.
Reviews written by Christine Miserandino and the staff