Product Review: Dremel Variable Speed MultiPro Rotary Tool


This is another tool that is perfect for the Spoonie at home who wants to use power tools! It’s lightweight, easy to use, has a multitude of uses and is also great for the crafter!

I recently used it for; drilling holes in pegs that I used to hang my spoons, to sand down the holes that my husband cut in a plaque made for a dog feeder and often when I need to pre-drill for other crafts. One day, I’m going to get a diamond drill bit, so I can put holes in the big bag of sea glass I have, in order to make jewelry out of it!
The original Dremel that I have is called the Variable Speed Rotary Tool kit with Flex shaft. The flex shaft is an extension you can attach to the Dremel – it lets you get in tight or awkward spaces. This kit comes with a case and all kinds of bits, sanders, polishers and a great book on how to do whatever you want to do! It has suggestions for crafts you can make too. It has a 6 foot cord, so it’s easy to get where you want to use it and they also have a cordless one now.
The kit that I have sells for about $150, but you can get kits for a lot less here and there on the internet. Bits and other attachments are easily found and replaced at your local hardware store.

Article written by Linda Kasserman © 2008

  • Elizabeth

    I got my husband the Dremel Stylus, and he absolutely loves it! It’s smaller so you can hold it like a pen, and keeping with the Dremel line, has oodles of possibilities! The first thing we did, was engrave our name onto all of our electronics. It’s cordless as well, and since it’s smaller and made to hold like a pen, a lot easier to handle.