Product Reviews: pain-relieving gels and sprays


For anyone who has achy joints and stiff muscles, the products in this line of topical analgesics offer quick, fast, and effective pain relief in a convenient method.

With natural ingredients of aloe vera, geranium oil, emu oil, orange peel, and menthol to name a few, these spray gels, ointments, and creams are soothing to the touch and provide a cooling sensation instantly, while the relief continues as it warms away the pain.
The spray formulas are great for reaching those aches and pains in any of those hard to reach places. Your neck, back, shoulders, legs, and even your feet will be soothed and comforted with just a quick spritz of the bottle. They also have a Footlube, which is perfect when your tootsies need a little extra TLC. The menthol smell is very invigorating and crisp, so you may prefer to use this product when relaxing at home.
Review written by Christine Miserandino,© 2005

  • Sue Chambers

    Great product!