Product Review: X nite lite


I hate the dark. I know I should get over this seemingly childish fear, but it lingers. I have always hated the dark, but as I got older and had to deal with the “unsteadiness” that accompanies the myriad of illnesses I face, my
fear of the dark began to be grounded in reason. I am not ashamed.

I have tripped and fallen on occasion. I have also lost my footing going down stairs. In the middle of the night when walking to the bathroom, I have felt unsteady, dizzy and disoriented.
I have purchased those inexpensive night lights and I find the bulbs burn out quickly, or they break easily. I was happy to find the X nite lite at one of my favorite stores Whenever I am looking for a gadget to make my life around the house easier, I seem to find it there.
The X Nite Lite is ready to be put into the electrical outlet, right out of the package. It has an automatic sensor that turns itself on or off, depending on the light in the room. There is no on/off switch to remember, and as soon
as it is dark this little light does its job. It comes with a lifetime LED warranty and because it is an LED light it guarantees 100,000 (yes you read that right) hours of light. That comes to approx. 20 cents a year to
operate! Although the X Nite Lite might be slightly more expensive than the cheaper ones in the discount stores, in the end I believe you will save money with the product and make your home safer in the process. I also personally
like the ambient blue light.

I have one in my bathroom, and I wish I had bought more for other areas in my house that could use light- entry way, stairs, etc.
Get yours today at:
price is $5.99 for 1 or $9.99 for a set of 2.
Product review written by: Christine Miserandino, ©2006