Product Review: heating pads… Cuz cold hands and feet hurt


I am a new woman. Okay, maybe not an entirely new woman, but definitely a more comfortable, warmer woman.

I am sitting at my desk typing this review and I have these new foot warmers on my feet. They are wonderful and because of these foot warmers, today has been a much better day!
Even though it is Spring, and most people have the air-conditioning on, wanting it warmer, I am always suffering from cold hands and feet because of bad circulation. It’s crazy- I can have shorts on because my body is hot- but
still have cold toes. The time of year doesn’t matter- my hands and feet are always cold. It is very uncomfortable and I have yet to find something that really helps. Well, when I tried these products I thought someone had read my mind. This is definitely one of those items you see and you say, ” I wish I had thought of that!”. I have tried just putting normal heating pads on my hands and feet, but they always fell off or didn’t cover those parts of my body entirely.
Warm Me Ups come in a variety of animal print themes, which are very cute for both hands and feet. You put them in the microwave and they stay warm for quite a long time. What makes these different from any heating product I
have ever seen, is that they are made specifically for hands and feet. The ones for your hands look like mittens and the ones for your feet look like slippers. They have gel in them instead of corn or beans or something, and
they also are not aromatic, so you don’t have to worry about them smelling- you just get to feel good right in the exact spots you want to!
I want to buy some of these for everyone I know. I really think this is the most helpful and ingenious product I have seen in a long time- I plan to use them everyday. I have friends who suffer with bad circulation, from a myriad
of illnesses, who would definitely benefit from this product. I also think my grandmother would love this as a gift. The price is very reasonable for the quality merchandise you are receiving. Buy yours today!
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