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Unfortunately, as I have gotten older, I have noticed more everyday aches and pains that I never seemed to have had before. I teach four year olds and after a busy day of bending and stretching in the classroom, I often come home with a sore back or neck. Recently, I discovered the afternoon treat of relaxing after work with a cup of tea and a warm heating pad. It is heaven and a perfect way to unwind.

The heating pad that was given to me as a gift, is the Taco Heating pad by the Mother Cat Company. It is a large, 17 inch, microwavable pad filled with rice and beans, which when heated lets off the warm and enticing aroma of homecooking. It is perfect for wrapping around feet, hands, legs, knees, whatever. Round in size, it has velcro closures that when folded like a taco or a muff can wrap around any sore joint.
Unlike other heating pads I have tried, I especially like this one because it stays put where I need it to be. I even rolled it up and placed it on the wrist rest of my keyboard while I typed. The pad is made out of a beige denim-like material and very durable. I also liked that I was supporting working mothers at home. I like to buy products from small companies or stores with a warmth and “human”, family feel.
I love this heating pad and I am sure that someone with carpal tunnel, arthritis, Lupus or any of the other illnesses that can cause chronic pain will especially find this product comforting for their aches and pains.
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-Written by Janet Miserandino, ©2006