Product Review: – Beautiful, Unique Heating Pads


I have tried a variety of heating pads, and this is by far the most elegant and indulgent wrap I have ever tried.

The wraps are 6″ x 22″ and are filled with approximately 2.5 lbs. of treated, dried corn. The one I tried was covered in a silky brown sueded material, it’s soft and moldable to any body part. Just pop it in the microwave for a few minutes, and it will retain its heat while soothing away your aches and pains. The insides will conform to your specific need, and then another person can use it on their own.
Although I personally enjoy wraps with aromatherapy in them, this one is non-scented, so those who prefer an unscented product or are allergic to them, this is a great alternative. This helped with my chronic pain, but with its luxurious cover and sleek design, it would be a great gift for anyone who can enjoy being pampered.
The wraps are only $12 each, and there is a discount for buying 3 or more. They have a nice variety of pretty colors and fabrics. Pick one up for yourself, and a few extras for friends.
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Review written by: Christine Miserandino © 2005