Product Review: Therapain Plus


I was asked to review a pain relief product called Therapain Plus, since I suffer from chronic back pain.

Well I don’t know whether it was bad timing or mind over matter, but since I received the bottle of spray, I was pain free. I even kept it in my purse for three weeks, so I would have it ready to whip out at a moment’s notice or at the least inkling of discomfort. But happily, no back pain. Anyway, my 80 year old mom came to visit and she started to complain about her aching knee, so I jumped up and said I had a product for her to try. She was cautiously skeptical.
She is used to taking pain relievers and anti-inflammatory medications, but rarely uses a topical ointment. This is a clear non-greasy, nice smelling spray and she reluctantly gave it a try. She reported an instant warm tingly sensation. She joked and said the pain was gone, but maybe it was just being masked by the tingling feeling. The pain was gone though for the rest of the night. She must be convinced, because the next day when she was going home, she asked to take the Therapain Plus with her.
I felt very comfortable with her using this product, since the ingredients are all natural like- peppermint, eucalyptus and natural menthol. It also contains Glucosamine and MSM and though I don’t know exactly how they work on the inflamed area, I know that studies support their use in symptom reduction and tissue repair. Additionally, There are no harsh chemicals, dyes or preservatives added. I also like that there is a full money back guarantee, which certainly helps a perspective buyer to feel more comfortable. Since everyone’s body and everyone’s pain is different, what works for one person may not necessarily work for another. This company, Relief Mart, lets you try the product with a guarantee of satisfaction.
My mom was happy and that’s good enough for me. Now I just hope I don’t get a back ache, since she has the bottle.
Review written by Janet Miserandino,© 2005